I have been seriously slacking in my ice cream critiques. Not in person – I definitely have been glutting myself on creamy ice-y minty goodness. But the actually sharing my findings here on this good ‘ol blog?? Well. The crickets speak for themselves.

So, onwards and upwards! I have some exciting reviews coming your way – including a little giveaway [my first one, ahh!] and an actual 5/5 star amazing I-could-eat-this-every-day find that I came across yesterday!!! I am stoked.

But first up, this intriguing find from my grocer’s freezer. Technically, it IS a gelato and NOT an ice cream. What’s the difference??? I have no idea except that I think it has something to do with the temperature it is frozen to (gelato is frozen colder..?) and that temperature has an effect on the overall texture. But I have yet to actually do any real research on the matter and I’m basing that conjecture solely on the types of ice cream makers I used to memorize spiels about while working kitchen retail. BUT that is neither here nor there – I give you gelato!

Talenti Gelato | Mediterranean Mint


THE DISH: A light green, mint flavored ice cream (uh, gelato) with flat, non-uniform rectangular chunks of semisweet chocolate.

Talenti Gelato | Mediterranean Mint

THE PROS: Very smooth! The texture is wonderful. The ice cream gelato portion is very high quality. An interesting mint flavor too – not like anything I’ve ever had before. It really grew on me, though! Reminds me more of the flavor of peppermint tea than the traditional “mint” flavor in your run of the mill MCCIC. Also, check out those ingredients! I love seeing something so simple.

Talenti Gelato | Mediterranean Mint


THE CONS: While the gelato base is unconventional but lovable and of an exceedingly high quality, the chocolate is disappointingly sub-par. With a dessert such as this, I expect quality in every ingredient. It cost me somewhere in the neighborhood of $5.00 for one pint, which is not the most expensive frozen dessert I’ve ever purchased, but it’s certainly more than a pint of Ben&Jerry’s and every B&J’s flavor I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying has had better chocolate than this. You’d think they’d be able to source a better ingredient, it would make their product truly sing!

Once again, I am overly critical, especially after sampling SO many types of the same flavor combination. But the price point coupled with the disappointing chocolate left me extremely unimpressed. I would, however, be willing to sample more Talenti flavors….provided they did not have any chocolate mix-ins ;)

Stay tuned for weekly ice cream installments! Giveaways and five stars and consistency, oh my! And once again, ain’t nobody paid me to write this bidniz. I am a simple person who has a passion for mint chocolate chip ice cream, makes a point to buy all of the kinds I deem worth my time (with my own monies), and thereby ingests copious amounts of minty chocolate-y frozen treats. Sometimes I even share them with my family or friends.

Today has looked like this:


Those three small scratches on side my nose (by my eye…) are from my daughter. One is actually from a few days ago, when she clocked me in the nose with a mug. Today she took the scab off and added a couple more because I was only able to clip her nails on one hand today, and she tried to pull my nose off with the un-clipped hand.
She also used the hand with clipped nails to reach inside my mouth and tear that little flap of skin connecting your upper lip between my two front teeth. So I guess the nails don’t make a huge difference…

She is a busy one, that kid. Busy busy busy. I do love her.

Also I never took off my makeup last night, haven’t showered, we’ve watched movies all day….but I DID fold and put away an entire basket of laundry, so there’s that.

Sometimes you just have lazy days after long busy weekends, you know?

Here’s hoping the rest of the week turns out nicely : )

Love — Rach

The Quest For The Most Delicious Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream: the best yet

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to…..

Haagen Dazs Mint Chocolate Chip.
Shoot dang, I can’t find my pictures. I’m publishing this anyway. Here’s a photo I stole from the Internet:



Oh yes and a photo of the ice cream too!

THE DISH: A white mint ice cream base with dark chocolate chips.

PROS: DANG. Definitely made from quality cream, this is good stuff. And the chocolate chips?? Practically perfect in every way. The texture is such that they melt in your mouth at just the right time and in the right way (no chewing!).

THE CONS: I wish the chocolate was a little more dark/bitter (I’m like a 80% cacao person), and that the mint was slightly stronger. That would be my idea of complete perfection.

OVERALL RATING: 4/5. Just because 5/5 is reserved for the best of the best in my book. But I would definitely fork over the cash for this ice cream again, no questions asked.

love — Rach

*Valentine found on failblog.com. I like to surf the “g rated” tag :) and ice cream is an image from the Haagen Dazs website!


This week I’ve got yet another Ben&Jerry’s flavor for you!

Ben&Jerry's Mint Chocolate Cookie

Ben&Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Cookie

THE DISH: A white mint ice cream with crumbled chocolate sandwich cookie bits. Think cookies n’ cream, but with a mint ice cream base.

Ben&Jerry's Mint Chocolate Cookie 2

See that right there?! Almost a full cookie. So beautiful.

THE PROS: Substantial cookie chunks! I don’t know about you, but I consider it a very good omen when I’m able to root out an entire cookie still in tact from my carton of ice cream. It is the ultimate archaeological dig. And I found two in this little pint! I love that, and the fact that the cookies stay soft and give you more of an immediate chocolate flavor, unlike chips which need time to melt on the tongue. It’s a nice subtle minty flavor, almost like mint Oreos blended with vanilla ice cream (instead of the other way around). It’s quite pleasant overall.

THE CONS: I wish it was “mintier”, if you eat the entire pint in one sitting (oops) you kind of grow numb to the mint and can’t taste it by the end.

OVERALL RATING: 3/5. The subtle mint just doesn’t do it for me. Again, very good ice cream, nothing “annoying” about eating it, but simply not worth it for the price point. I’m happy someone finally made a mint cookies n cream, because it is a BRILLIANT idea, but I’m not going to buy it unless it’s on sale. Come on off-brands, let’s see some knock offs!

Stayed tuned next week for HAAGEN DAZS!!!

love — Rach

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I know, I KNOW. you’ve been waiting with bated breath for this series to continue. You’re welcome!! ;) Regular updates to follow, keep your eyes peeled on Saturdays y’all!

The Quest For The Most Delicious Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream continues with…


Ben&Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Crunch!

THE DISH: a rich chocolaty ice cream with fudge and mint ribbon swirls, and spherical, chocolate covered, chocolate mint wafer cookies throughout.

this is definitely not its' best angle...but this is what you get when you forget to take a picture until you're down to the very bottom of the carton. My bad!

this is definitely not its’ best angle…but this is what you get when you forget to take a picture until you’re down to the very bottom of the carton. My bad!

THE PROS: Very, VERY nice creamy texture! Love the mint swirl with the chocolate ice cream, perfect type of mint with the right amount of “zing”. The first few bites off the top of the carton were heavenly.

THE CONS: I didn’t care for the cookies – they were an odd shape and required a lot of chewing (and you know how I feel about having to chew my ice cream). Also their mint flavor was a bit “off” – it didn’t match the mint ribbon. The cookies were more like an Andes mint flavor, while the ribbon was closer to a peppermint patty? I could do without the fudge ribbon too, it was fairly runny and not really a very good fudge. I found myself hunting for bites of ice cream+peppermint swirl only, haha.

Yes, the ice cream with the mint ribbon alone was AMAZING. But the price tag and the weird cookies and the un-satisfying fudge ribbon really take it down a couple notches. I can’t see myself buying this again, unless it was on sale and all of the other chocolate mint flavors were sold out. Bummer, I was really hoping to love this one.

Have you tried this flavor? Any other chocolate/mint combos you think I should check out?? Let me know!

Part i // Part ii

Love — Rach

On Being Beautiful.

[I promise this isn't as vain and facetious a post as the title may imply, just bear with me. and enjoy some baby photos for once!]


Just look at that beautiful wee babe. Isn’t she amazing?! I love her so, SO much. I hope she never sees herself as anything but the beautiful human being that she is.

So, I have vowed not to see myself as anything but beautiful either. 

I will not be the mother who hides when she sees a camera. I will not be the mother who critiques every photographic version of herself. I will not be the mother who despairs when others see her when she first wakes up. I will not be the mother who is embarrassed to be seen in a swimsuit. I will not be the mother who cannot accept a compliment.


I will not be the mother who does not believe her children, when they tell her she is the most beautiful person in the world. Because didn’t we all think that about our mothers/mother figures at some point?

Body image is contagious, and I’d rather pass on a good one.


She is worth it.

It’s not going to be easy, but those are my goals. That is who I would like to become. That is someone I think we all could become – women and men, mothers or not – because we are all beautiful. Each and every one of us. And it’s time we start seeing ourselves that way.

Speak kindly about yourself. Don’t criticize your physical features. Treat your body right. Accept what is there and learn to love it. Don’t criticize others either. Get rid of the bathroom scale. Take lots of selfies. Grow to be comfortable in your own skin.

We are worth it.

love, rach
*photo cred goes to my amazing sister! you should hire her and stuff. she is BRILLIANT.

Early Twenties: Part Deux

this is to elaborate a little on the train of thought I somewhat began in this post [PART I]

I recently discovered a blog post that perfectly illustrates the selfish, never-grow-up mentality that I’ve seen running rampant in my generation. “23 Things To Do Instead Of Getting Engaged Before 23″.

Plenty of people have already responded to this in a myriad of different ways. I’m not upset at the author for writing her feelings on the subject, what is the Internet if not a place to speak freely (and make people angry while doing it)??

All I want to say is this:
I was engaged and married at the age of 21. I certainly don’t feel trapped by my marriage and family. My husband is awesome and my absolute favorite person to hang out with, and my daughter is a joy. I’d even go so far as to say that “getting knocked up and fat” was one of the most meaningful, worthwhile things I have ever, ever done.
But then again, “be selfish” has never been an item for me to check off of any to-do list I’ve ever written (and I’m a big list-writer.)

I guess my parents did a pretty good job passing their “outdated values” on to this “millennial child”. I am certainly glad they did – I can’t imagine a happier or more fulfilling life for myself.

If I’d held marriage views similar to the author, though, I’m sure that wouldn’t be the case. Marriage isn’t for people who feel that way. It would be miserable. You’ve gotta be ready for it (well as ready as you can be), and you’ve gotta want it.

…wellllp, that’s all I’ve got for today. Goodnight, friends :)

love, rach

Early Twenties.`1b

There’s a type of conversation I end up having fairly often. Let me give you a few examples:

FULL DISCLOSURE: I turned 23 years old on July 18th of this year. 

person: “Oh the 1980s! What silly things we did then!”
me: “You tell me, I wasn’t even born when that decade ended.”
person: “No way! I never would have guessed!”

person: “How old are you anyway? You’ve got to be at least [my true age +5 years].”
me: “Actually I’m only [my true age]“
person: “Oh wow! But you’re so mature!!!”

and then I usually end up trying to explain this anomaly, because I start to feel very uncomfortable about the whole thing. “Well I’m the oldest of six kids,” I usually say. As if that explains everything. It’s a little awkward [on my end].

These moments have stuck with me. And I think I’ve finally realized why.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Two prime examples of how our generation – MY generation – is expected to behave.

When you are twenty-two, you are supposed to be dance-partying, eating breakfast at midnight, and “happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time”.

Not happily married, pregnant, settling into a good job and home and such…while still dance-partying and eating breakfast at midnight.
[AKA: where I was at twenty-two. needless to say, I don't identify with TSwift...]

It’s generally acceptable to not grow up and move on with your life. It’s like everyone suddenly develops a Peter Pan complex when they turn twenty.

I was going to write a long loquacious post all about what this means and how I feel about it, but I currently have an 8 month old who REALIZED Mom is doing something really cool and is now is tryto type on my laptop with me so that is just not going to happen today`. I’ll leave that as some food for thought today. Maybe I’lld CSOME NBACk to it. Only time will tell.

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love, Rachaw

*“`typos `courtesy iof Daisyqs4eeee12eqd3e2. Lefe21t for your viewing pleasure.

Prodromal Labor: WILL IT EVER END????

So, this is going to be a pregnancy/childbirth post. If you don’t like these, skip it. But don’t worry, I’m not going to go into gory details here.

I’ve noticed I’ve been getting a lot of blog traffic lately from people searching to learn more about prodromal labor. I remember being in that position earlier this year, and how pitifully few resources I could find online, and my heart reaches out to all of you mothers experiencing this ridiculous form of early labor!

So even though I’ve opted not to share my full “birth story” on this blog – I do want to address some of the concerns that I had regarding prodromal labor, along with some of the concerns that I’ve seen via search engine terms. Keep in mind that this is only my friendly advice, that I would give you along with a hug and a huge plate of whatever-baked-good-you-are-craving, if we lived in the same geographic area. I am not a medical professional, and I have only given birth once so far.

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Reading Glasses

I’ve blabbed a lot about my eyesight on this here blog, and as someone who’s worn glasses since the age of six I thought I had experienced nearly everything there is with regards to corrective lenses. Well, everything age-appropriate, that is. Still no cateracts or bifocals. But I’ve dealt with Metal frames, plastic frames, myriads of reflective coatings, gas perm (hard) contact lenses, soft lenses, night and day lenses….
As I sit here typing to you, I am in fact donning a pair of +1 strength reading glasses.

This is a new experience. 
And, I’ll admit, not an experience I thought I’d be having in my early twenties.

I went to the Optometrist a few weeks ago, as I’d been getting some pretty persistent and nasty eye strain headaches and wondered if I needed an updated prescription. My glasses and contacts both checked out….but the distance at which I was holding things in front of my face did non. You see, I like to hold things less than 12″ from the end of my nose. But you should really hold them like three times further away than that.
It’s no wonder I was feeling the strain.
(especially with contacts, where you can’t simply look over the top of your frames to better see things close-up, and computer screens which are awful to look at no matter how good your vision is)

So I went on a quest.
Because I am picky about my eyewear…and don’t want granny glasses.


A lot of the reading glasses out there are…unattractive…or the few attractive ones you come across are freaking expensive! BUT I did finally find a place with quite a few wallet and style friendly options: Readers.com!
You know, just in case squinting through this post made you realize that you could probably use some extra magnification too, you old fart ; )

So I think I like them.
As I’ve mentioned before, it’s like a miniature identity crisis when seeing yourself in a new pair of specs, but I think I like these.
It’s weird that the lenses magnify my eyes rather than shrinking them (as my prescription lenses do), and that they reflect light like crazy, and that they get SUPER dirty from doing almost nothing at all…But I think those are just things that come with the territory.


I do have to laugh at myself as I sit on the couch at night – wearing a nightgown, slippers, and these reading glasses – and pick up my knitting. Or a novel.
Moments like that tempt me to get a gold chain to attach to my reading glasses and knit a bunch of old lady sweaters.
But really, it’s pretty fitting, seeing as I sometimes feel as if I’m 65 years old on the inside (NOT THAT ONLY 65 YEAR OLDS NEED READING GLASSES. I’ve just decided that age really resonates with my soul and stuff.)

So, yeah.
I just wanted to leave you with a nice mental image to picture as you read the silly things I write :)


Because I feel like knowing what I look like and what kind of faces I am probably making really adds another dimension to blog reading. Kind of like you’re reading in 3D. AND I’M ALL ABOUT OFFERING A HIGH QUALITY HD EXPERIENCE HERE ON THE INTERNET.

Love, Rach

Again – not a sponsored post – This is not a sponsored blog and I have no plans to make it one. I just came across that website and wanted to share it with you!