Lessons Learned While Playing Rock Band

This Christmas, a Wii entered the house! Along with all of the proper Rock Band accoutrements.

I decided to take the drums for a spin [I’m awesome btw], and in the middle of a song my 6-year-old brother approached me.

“Hey Rach?? When you’re done, can I have a turn?”

“Sure, but do you know how to do the drums? They’re kind of hard…”

“Yeah, I played at a friends’ house once. I’m AWESOME.”

So I finish and let him have a turn, anxious to witness his awesome skills…he “died” a few times and my sister had to take over some of the drum pads for him…but the entire time he was playing, he kept saying things like:

“YEAH! I’m smokin’!”

“You guys, we’re SO GOOD, we’re rocking the house down!”

“WHOA, I am on FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I thought it was awesome that he felt so good about what he was doing, even though he had seen other people better than himself.
Later on in the night, when we were trying to unlock some more songs and had to convince my brother to only take the “green” pad on the drum kit controls so that we wouldn’t fail on the harder ones, he was still excited about what he was doing. He didn’t always hit the one note that he had, and he always had either my sister or myself helping him out, but he was still confident that THE DRUMS were the MOST fantastic part of the WHOLE band!!!! It was so cool. He kept complimenting everyone and cheering about his score and high-fiving his drum-buddy. He kept the rest of us going even if we were completely tanking on a song, I’m pretty sure his compliments and excitement saved us from getting ‘kicked off the stage’ a few times. :]

I wish we could all see things like that. I mean, sure, he did get discouraged a few times, but he was still happy. He loved what he was doing even though he probably wasn’t the most fantastic Rock Band drummer in the universe. He showed me that it’s OK to feel confident in your abilities and admit that you’re good at something, even if you’re not ‘the best in the world’.
I love my brother and my family. I loved spending time with them today :]