Blog Categorization?

As I was looking through some blogs of people I know and sorting through blogs that I read, I realized that most people I follow fall under these categories:

People who have gotten married and are forced to start a blog via peer pressure from relatives.
Countless hours are spent formatting a cutesy blog, subscribing to all of the family, and picking a writing style that cutely documents their life as a couple, etc.

Single college-students like myself who also happen to have a blog because it was cool at some point.
Typically, they rarely ever update their blogs. Because they’re busy doing homework and chilling with people, etc.

Adults, college-grads, people with families/careers that have something to say.
Well, either something to say or photos to post or funny anecdotes from parenting situations. Stuff like that. There’s always a purpose behind their blog, or at least some theme that ties it all together.

People I don’t really know, but they’re popular blogs that I read for my daily dose of humor.
Check out cakewrecks or superuseless superpowers, for example.

I feel like an anomaly now.
I think I’d be classified as: a Single college student with no real career who doesn’t really have many people that read her blog she just says stuff for the sake of saying it because she likes to talk. Updates when feels the need to ramble or say something [AKA fairly often]. Someone will possibly happen to read her posts because they care, but in all reality it doesn’t really get read [at least to her knowledge].
There isn’t really a specific purpose to the blog. You get a few funny stories, occasional life updates, philosophical musings, song lyrics, and anything that she might find funny.

Hahaha, how interesting. It makes me laugh. I need more friends like me that blog, I guess 😛