The Headless Donkey Pinata

When I was in elementary school, somewhere in the age range of 8-11, there was a party in my class.

But it wasn’t just any party.

We had a pinata.

It was a rainbow donkey.


From what I can remember, this is an EXACT replica of the one from elementary school.


The moment I saw it, I was smitten. Look at those colors! It’s so beautiful!! I was so in love with that slightly ugly and strange looking pinata.

But you better believe we beat that thing to death trying to get the candy out of it. And when it finally broke, it was the COOLEST THING EVER…..because the head detached from the body! A clean break between the neck and the torso. The head was left swinging from the ceiling. It was so neat.

Some random kid was like “COOL! I want to keep the head!!” and me, being the weird kid that I was, had already been thinking “Dang! That’d be so cool to keep that pinata head! It’s so gorgeous!” So when that other kid wanted the head….I said “Aw man, but I wanted to keep that!” (or something like that but more annoying, along with being weird I was also annoying).

Anyway, the point is somehow we worked out an agreement where I got to take home the body of said pinata. I was actually more excited about this in the end, because the body was the prettiest part with all of the rainbow colors, even if it did look kind of weird without a head.


So home I went, with a handful of candy and toting a headless donkey pinata. I was on top of the WORLD.


My mother was not so thrilled with my new acquisition. And looking back, I can see why.

A headless donkey pinata is really a useless piece of trash….and it looks freaky:

Picture this with mangled legs and the bow/tail hanging by a thread.

Mom kept trying to get me to throw it away…but I was not about to give up my most prized possession in the world. I got this pinata fair and square, and the colors were so pretty, and I’m sure I could find a use for it! So what if it’s unconventional-looking?!

I think I attempted to store crayons in it, but it was too difficult to get them out when I needed them. I then resorted to using it as a Barbie Doll vehicle….because no Barbie dreamhouse is complete without a headless pinata-mobile!


After a while the pinata started to fall apart and wasn’t even good for a Barbie-mobile anymore. So I threw it away.

Secretly, I thought it was totally creepy just like my Mom did.

But don’t tell her that.


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