“Well, it’s not every day you get to put a piece of your Mom’s finger in a ziplock bag…”

^ That would be my facebook status this evening.
The best response by far:
“Oh my goodness, you’re right. I reserve putting a piece of my mom’s fingers strictly to Wednesdays. I respect your boldness. …on a Monday, wow what a rebel.”

I LOVE HER. I almost peed my pants from laughing.

Oh yeah, and I guess I should explain WHY that was my status….
It’s possible that my mom sliced off her fingernail earlier this evening while cutting some cheese for her broccoli-cheese soup.
Actually, that is definitely what happened.
So naturally, after gauze-ing her finger and telling her to hold it over her head, I scooped up the detached bit from the cutting board and put it in a Ziplock just in case they needed it at the hospital or something….
They didn’t.
But whatever.

My Mom is all good now! And making lots of fun jokes about getting a 10% discount on her next manicure, the doctor telling her to keep her middle finger elevated, and how at least she didn’t lose her whole finger like Frodo.
After hearing that last joke, my brother suggested we name the knife responsible for the damage “Gollum”.

My Dad also chimed in by saying it’s great that she loves us to much, she likes to put a piece of herself into every family meal.

It’s okay if you’re jealous that my family is more hilarious than yours 🙂


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