So many of you may not even be aware of the fact that I’ve been dating someone…





I’m engaged!

That’s the future husband and myself! He is handsome, fantastic, and makes me so happy I feel like I’m going to explode 😀

I am one happy, happy, happy [not to mention LUCKY] girl


SO. Who wants to go tame us a wild honeymoon stallion??

Did I mention he loves Napoleon Dynamite almost as much as I do? Yeah, match made in heaven right there ❤

On Teaching Children About Car Accidents….

I nanny an adorable [and terribly inquisitive] four-year-old boy and his two-year-old sister.

One day we were on our way to the park, when we drove past a car accident. The automobile had somehow ended up in the bushes/shrubbery on the side of the road. Firetrucks, ambulances, and policemen were all on the scene, and the toddlers wanted to drive past and get a closer look.

I was curious too…so I obliged.

Ever since then, I get multiple questions about “the car that droved into the bushes” whenever we drive anywhere:

“Rayn-jul, did that guy not know where he was going? So he droved the wrong way? In the bushes?!”

“If you let go of the steering wheel will OUR car go in the bushes?”

“Umm, how are they going to get their car out of the bushes?”

“How are they going to get to the car store to buy a new car when their car is broken because it was in the bushes?!”

“Can Jeeps drive in the bushes? Can OUR car drive in the bushes?!”

Then one morning, three weeks later, I went into the backyard to find this:

Yep…. that would be the kiddo’s very own car in the bushes.

Kids are sponges, my friends.