embroidery wonderland.

I could post about something meaningful today. something from my life, that you all might enjoy hearing about.

but I’m afraid I’ve become terribly distracted with embroidery/cross-stitchery/whatever you want to call it.

it all started when my dear friend shared this image with me via facebook:

and then I was so fascinated with this piece, that I delved even deeper into hand-stitched rap lyrics genre:

etsy seller nodiggitynodoubt - careful - other embroidered lyrics are NSFW

etsy seller nodiggitynodoubt - careful - other embroidered lyrics are NSFW

can't find the original source - just a pin on pinterest 😦

And then I went ahead and looked at the website that the Rapper’s Delight embroidery was originally from, and hit a gold mine. Seriously you guys, Steotch is the coolest. Check it out, if you have time to waste πŸ™‚

sacreligious? sure. hilarious? definitely.

favorite scene in the entire series

took me a second to get this one πŸ™‚

best wedding gift ever

EDIT: I just found this one…and had to show you guys as well. last edit I’m making to this post, I promise. if y’all miss out on other hilarious things, it’s your own fault for not wasting your life looking for cool crosstitchery.

I think I need to get back into cross stitching, stat. my future home is going to have a mosiac of embroidery completely covering every inch of wall space. I think the hubs is okay with this…..

love, rach

all photos are linked to the original sources πŸ™‚ click away!

Seven Things Sunday

1. The phrase or punctuation I overuse the most is… “haha”, or some other form of typed laughter. or smileys πŸ™‚ 😦 :/ πŸ˜› Β or exclamation points!!!! wait, does TYPING IN ALL CAPS count as punctuation? because I totally do that too. I’m just a really expressive person, and I work very hard at getting that expressive-ness to show via the written word πŸ˜›

2. Today I am thankful for… my winter coat! finally got one yesterday. and it is saving my life.

3. My best friend is… not just one person.

4. A quirky thing about me is… until yesterday, I hadn’t owned a legitimate pair of athletic shoes for the past eight years. unless you count Converse All-Stars.

5. This past weekend… WAS AWESOME. so busy, and so great! saw my seester, and a friend that I haven’t seen in ages, and hubs&I celebrated being married for a whole entire month! also, there was church today! and we had dinner at his family’s house πŸ™‚ lovely!

6. Something that worries me is… unexpected run-ins.

7. On my night stand you will find… alarm clock, hubs’ cell phone, scriptures, lamp, smell-good-wickless-candle-mabobber, savings jar-thing.

can’t remember where I found this list, so I can’t give them props….my bad 😦

I have the sweetest husband…

I think my husband is the greatest. He always says the absolute most wonderful things.

The first words out of his mouth one morning:

“You know, you would have to chop off your head and bury it in the ground, cover it with horse manure, leave it there for four days, and reattach it. Then maybe, just MAYBE, you would be able to disguise your beauty. But that still might not cut it…actually I don’t think it would…”

That’s my sweet-talkin’ Romeo, right there. I love his guts.


Wedding Day :)

we were married in the Salt Lake temple on December 28! lovliest day ever.

there were a lot of DIY elements that kept me ridiculously busy before the wedding, but my fabulous mother-in-law helped me delegate absolutely everything that needed to be done the day of. so, for us, our actual wedding day was 100% stress-free! totally recommend that strategy to everyone.

wedding rings! i adore mine, and i had his made [via etsy] with my thumbprint cast inside! thanks MikaScott πŸ™‚ the hubs loves it. he thinks it’s neat, and he also loves how it looks like “the one ring” from Lord of the Rings, haha πŸ™‚

something old&new – i made my wedding dress out of an old 80s dress! so, something old turned into something new |Β something borrowed – my momma’s pearls |Β something blue – embroidered the wedding date on the inside hem of my dress. got the idea from PinterestΒ πŸ™‚

also embroidered the back of his tie! and i made my bouquet/all of the corsages and boutonnieres. [corsage picture is from my iphone]

Β Β 

want to know a secret? we actually had all of our formal photos taken the week before our wedding. TOTALLY helped minimize stress, i highly recommend it! one of my BFF’s was married earlier in the year and did this, and we were lucky enough to find a fabulous photographer willing to do it for us too! Teri Tuckett. check her out.

we opted not to have a photographer for the reception, so we had family and friends take some photos for us. they haven’t all trickled in yet though, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that is was AWESOME. we had a Belgian waffle and breakfast cereal bar, a photo booth guestbook, three wedding cakes in three different flavors [and a Lego cake topper!], and all of the centerpieces were memorabilia from me and the mister [including awesome embarrassing childhood photos].

it was grand. and the best part? we were under-budget on the entire wedding!

when we first started planning, we set a budget of $2,000. just to see if we could do it. and we did! but not without the help of our awesome family and friends πŸ™‚

it was the best. day. ever. and being married? it is the best. i absolutely love it.

love, rach

All photos from the temple were taken by the amazing Teri Tuckett.Β 


welcome to the new&improved blog!

since the hubs and i just got married, i figured it might be good to make a new blog that included him at least a little bit πŸ™‚

that, accompanied with my growing concern about internet privacy, is what inspired the switcharoo! so yes, i won’t be as liberal with posting personal information here, but i hope that’s okay with all y’all and you can respect that πŸ™‚

i am liking this change a lot though. hopefully you are too!

If you’re new to wordpress from blogger and are having trouble figuring out how to subscribe without google friend connect, here are your options:

#1: click the “+Follow” link in the upper left to get email updates

#2: copy and paste the blog URL into a feed reader (such as Google Reader)

Hope that works for you guys!


well that’s all for now, but i’ll be posting more soon! wedding pictures and lots of other fun things πŸ™‚

love you all!