embroidery wonderland.

I could post about something meaningful today. something from my life, that you all might enjoy hearing about.

but I’m afraid I’ve become terribly distracted with embroidery/cross-stitchery/whatever you want to call it.

it all started when my dear friend shared this image with me via facebook:

and then I was so fascinated with this piece, that I delved even deeper into hand-stitched rap lyrics genre:

etsy seller nodiggitynodoubt - careful - other embroidered lyrics are NSFW

etsy seller nodiggitynodoubt - careful - other embroidered lyrics are NSFW

can't find the original source - just a pin on pinterest 😦

And then I went ahead and looked at the website that the Rapper’s Delight embroidery was originally from, and hit a gold mine. Seriously you guys, Steotch is the coolest. Check it out, if you have time to waste πŸ™‚

sacreligious? sure. hilarious? definitely.

favorite scene in the entire series

took me a second to get this one πŸ™‚

best wedding gift ever

EDIT: I just found this one…and had to show you guys as well. last edit I’m making to this post, I promise. if y’all miss out on other hilarious things, it’s your own fault for not wasting your life looking for cool crosstitchery.

I think I need to get back into cross stitching, stat. my future home is going to have a mosiac of embroidery completely covering every inch of wall space. I think the hubs is okay with this…..

love, rach

all photos are linked to the original sources πŸ™‚ click away!


3 thoughts on “embroidery wonderland.

  1. this is HIL-AR-I-OUS…. esp as there is a serious Cross Stitch Revival going on in our home in CA which I’m not sure we told you about! LOL!
    Rebekah first, then Jacob, now Joseph wants to do it!

    Show Mike the Chuck Testa one and he might get into it too!!
    love, Mommy

    • Haha, I was thinking about the cross-stitch revival when I saw these actually!! I didn’t know Jacob had started though…..that is HILARIOUS. I wish I was there! πŸ™‚

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