Are any of you familiar with the American television phenomenon Lost? It originally aired from 2004-2010, an award-winning drama series that was famous for its’ intricate story line and being the most expensive program on television at the time [due to the large cast and the cost of filming on location in Oahu].

I heard of it while it was on the air, but never watched a single episode.

The hubs and I started watching it on Netflix a few weeks ago.

Folks, let me tell you, this show is addicting…especially when you have immediate access to the next episode and don’t have to wait an entire week for the cliffhanger ending to be resolved. One day, we watched it for seven hours straight.

During a break between episodes on that seven-hour-marathon day, I went to go empty the dryer. We hadn’t been able to find the lint trap in this particular dryer in this particular apartment since we moved in…something that semi-concerned us but we didn’t worry about too much. But this day, after watching five hours of Lost, I found it. I kind of felt like I was IN the show though, so I started hearing the background music playing in my head and the suspense was building as I announced this secret thing I had suddenly uncovered….

“HEY! I finally found the lint trap in the dryer! “

“Really?! Let me see!”

“Oh my gosh, it’s really full…..”

“….that’s not good. That could start a fire.”

“I know!!!!!!”

The background music playing in my head became even more intense. I snatched that lint trap and cleaned it as fast as humanly possible, fumbling and dropping it as I went to put it back in the dryer. I was so nervous! This was a matter of life and death, people! That dryer was going to EXPLODE!!!

Okay, so not really. But it sure felt like it. My husband laughed when I told him what had just happened.

But that music really is intense. The whole show is actually. Here is a small sample:

Anyway. After that escapade, we decided to cut back to watching one episode every night. Which we did for a while…but it was still too engrossing and we felt like our brains were being numbed by watching that much television daily. We never really felt ‘good’ after watching it.

So, this week, we looked up all of the articles we could possibly find on the interwebs [most from here and here]and read our way through the rest of the series.

It was thoroughly enjoyable [and kind of confusing].

And now I can empty the lint trap without subconsciously creating a fight-or-flight response within myself.

Which reminds me, I need to rotate my laundry! Please excuse me.

Love — Rach

all images courtesy of the world wide web [and a Google image search]

I am turning into a hippie…

….or something like it.

  1. my husbands’ grandpa has basically converted me to the Prius. it has great gas-mileage, the way it works is SO COOL, and it’s eco-friendly!
  2. I talked said husband into getting some herbal tea to help him sleep better. he loves it. and it works. we drink tea together every evening now.
  3. I’ve been researching cloth diapers, thanks to my lovely friend Hannah who’s been blogging about them recently and sharing her experiences! [she has SO many posts about cloth diapering, check them out if you’re interested] I’m totally sold. they save you money, make potty-training easier, and they’re better for the earth!
  4. the hubs and I [who already ate a lot of whole/un-processed foods] decided to change our diet for the better. I went to WinCo today and came home with huge bags of bulk quinoa, flax seed, and organic rolled oats – somewhat smaller bags of raw almonds and dried fruit – fresh almond butter and honey – and more fruits and veggies than you could shake a proverbial stick at. YUMMM.
  5. in conjunction with the aforementioned dietary change, I’m also considering giving up sugar completely [and using Stevia/agave/honey instead]. any thoughts on that? I’ve done sugar-free before, for a few weeks, with my Momma.
  6. I’m kinda-sorta finally getting back into my daily yoga routine! Still a bit hit and miss, but I’m getting better. I’ve missed yoga so SO much.

I think what seals the deal though, is that we have officially decided that when the day comes that we have our own home…we are going to keep our own bees.

plus the fact that I plan on living somewhere warm enough that I never have to wear shoes ever again.

but you know what? I think I’m 100% okay with being a hippie.

Peace out — Rach

I love my hair: Part II

Aloha, friends! I know I posted a short little spiel on hair care not that long ago. This is virtually the same basic info, written in a more clear and concise manner and with more external links to aid in your personal research And I included info on hair types! enjoy!

#1: Getting to know your hair

Your hair. It’s been with you most of your life. But even though it hangs out with you every day…you might not actually know much about it! It’s important to be well-acquainted with your mane so that you can know how to properly care for it.

I just classified my hair using the guidelines they’ve set up over at LHC.

I’m a 1b/c, M, ii/iii. Don’t worry. This didn’t make sense to me at first either 🙂 It has to do with how wavy your hair is, the thickness of each individual strand, and the thickness of all of your hair, all together. So basically, I have mostly straight hair with slight waves, medium-thick strands, and I’m on the thicker end of what is considered “normal” hair. This article explains it all! These classifications can help you learn how best to care for your specific type of hair. You can even search for people who have the same or similar hair classification on the forum and see what they do to care for it!

The main issue with keeping your hair healthy though, is determining what your hair needs. Hair problems/unhealthy hair is usually caused by either a lack of protein, lack of moisture, or product buildup on individual hair strands. This article describes a clarifying wash method and diagnostic tips for building a routine to help your hair thrive.

#2: My current products/routine

DISCLAIMER: I’ve built a routine based on adding moisture to my hair. I might be wrong. This might not be the “best” method – but it works for me and my hair is usually happy, healthy, soft, and shiny.

If you do not care to change the products you use, you can still have healthier hair by adapting your routine slightly! Even before I started using these products and methods almost 1.5 years ago, I still had soft, shiny hair. I used Garnier Fructis Length&Strength shampoo and conditioner religiously, but still had good results with any other shampoo/conditioner I used. All that I really did differently was make sure to wash and rinse my hair in COOL water. Hot water can be damaging to the cuticle of your hair. I would also wash and condition my hair at the beginning of my shower, and leave the conditioner on until the end of my shower. Those few extra minutes make a huge difference 🙂 I also did not rub my hair in my towel when drying it, I would squeeze the water out in sections instead. It works just as quickly and keeps your follicles from being damaged!

Here is my hair care arsenal!


1 – TreSemme Anti-Breakage Shampoo and Conditioner. On Walmart.com, they’re $3.50/bottle. I never pay much more than that in-store either. I use the Condition-Wash-Condition method – Described HERE, under the “Getting Started” headline.

2 – Brush Strokes Two-Sided Boar Bristle Brush. On sale for $1.99 on Sally Beauty Supply’s website [click the link], and I didn’t pay much more for it in-store! Boar bristle brushes don’t have the harsh edges that plastic combs and brushes do, which can actually tear your hair apart (quite literally).

3 – Apple Cider Vinegar. I use it to do a rinse a couple times a week. More on vinegar rinses here.

4 – Hair scissors. I really need better ones…good scissors make all the difference! Hair scissors are sharper than your average pair of Fiskars, so they can make a clean cut without catching your hair and creating more split ends in the process. Check out Sally’s Beauty Supply or other beauty suppliers if you’re looking to purchase your own! I trim split ends whenever I see them (usually a few times a week) and will trim 1/4-1/2 inch or so every 6ish weeks. I always trim my own hair, my methods aren’t very precise, but it never looks bad! If you’re not afraid, go ahead and try trimming your hair yourself 🙂 my philosophy: if you always cut the same amount of length off of each strand (or group of strands) – it will look the same when you’re done! Also, have someone look at the back for you and help you keep it straight. Haha.

5 – Extra Virgin Olive Oil. If my hair is ever feeling excessively dry, I will liberally coat it in olive oil, pile it on top of my head (usually in a twisted bun), and wrap my head with plastic wrap (to retain moisture and heat). Let it sit for 30 minutes, hop in the shower, shampoo my hair twice, and it’s good to go 🙂 I only do this about once a month.

6 – One ‘n Only Argan Oil Treatment. $10 for a 3.4oz bottle on the Sally’s website. I use this daily. After I’m out of the shower and have towel-dried my hair, I will put a few drops in my palms and run them through my hair (concentrating on the ends). Careful not to use too much, or the buildup will cause your hair to tangle even more easily…I’ve made the mistake of trying to use this to smooth tangled ends if I haven’t washed my hair for a few days. Bad idea. More on the benefits of Argan Oil here.

7 – TreSemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray. Drugstore.com has it listed for $4.75 per 8oz bottle, it’s not on Wal-Mart’s website but I know I bought it there for cheaper. I use this liberally every. single. time I blow dry, curl, flat iron my hair! Heat can be extremely damaging, and I can tell the difference when I use a heat protectant and when I don’t. My only caution: using this spray does cause buildup on your hair, make sure you clarify after using copious amounts of it.

I definitely do not wash my hair every day, because I can get away with it. I don’t have a naturally oily scalp, and I wear my hair up [in a bun] a majority of the time to protect it from damage. I probably wash my hair every 3 days. There are a lot of different theories about whether washing your hair more is actually bad for it…I’m just lazy and if it looks and feels fine, I leave it alone.

I also braid my hair every night before going to bed in order to minimize damage while sleeping [I toss and turn a LOT]. Either that, or I’ll twist it into a bun on the very tippy top of my head so it’s out of the way.

And that is that!

I just joined the Long Hair Community Forums for real today, so I’m going to be re-evaluating my routine and posting the results for you to see in the coming weeks 🙂 I’ll pass on any cool tips I can find, and I highly recommend wandering around the discussion boards yourself if you’re really interested!

And as always, if you have any specific questions or want to talk about anything, just ask 🙂 either in the comments, or you can email me! wafflesandcereal [at] gmail [dot] com!

Thanks for reading!! Love — Rach

UPDATE: upon further review, I have decided that my hair is  actually a 1a/b waviness and definitely a ii thickness.

Also, I forgot to put hair pictures up, so you can see the results!

hair choppage

mahalo Eliza!

At this time, my hair care routine was the one listed in italics above. Cold water, few extra minutes with conditioner, that’s it

current state of the hair

This was taken after washing my hair with the methods described/linked to above – including an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse and Argan Oil treatment  – then allowing it to air-dry.

And in words, in case the pictures don’t do it for you:

From August 2008 – September 2010, my hair grew approximately 8.5 inches.

From September 2010 – February 2012 (AKA since changing my routine), my hair has grown approximately 11 inches.

That’s about 2.5 inches more growth, in 8 less months!

Evidence that this stuff works, yo.


Do you want to hear the story of my wedding dress? It’s a pretty good one, I think!

 © Terissa Tuckett Photography 2011

once upon a time, I got engaged! it was awesome!

I had always wanted to make my own wedding dress, ever since I learned how to sew. but, the hubs and I decided that we only wanted to be engaged for ten weeks. that is not much time to construct a wedding dress in, even for a lead foot seamstress like myself.

however, something else I’ve done ever since I learned how to sew, is repurpose clothing! “repurposing” is a fancy-pants word I learned a few years ago that means “taking something old/ugly/out dated apart and turning it into something fabulous”. my mom liked to call it “WHY DID YOU CUT UP YOUR BEST PAIR OF JEANS AGAIN?!” while I was growing up 🙂

I somehow forgot that cutting old things up was something I liked to do [warning: stress can make you lose your identity sometimes], until I read this awesome book that this awesome friend passed on to me. [tangent: I still have it and would love to pass it on to you if you need it! hit me up! it’s lovely.]

There was an ENTIRE section about vintage dresses and re-working them and different suggestions. “HOLY COW THAT IS WHAT I DO ALL THE TIME WHY DID I NOT THINK OF THAT,” I thought. “THANK YOU FOR THE FABULOUS IDEA, BOOK!!”

I went to my dear Momma with this idea. and whaddya know, she actually HAD some vintage wedding dresses lurking in a craft supply bucket somewhere! I went on a hunt, and found them within five minutes. the first one I excavated??

THIS beauty. I fell in love with it! The lace, the creamy vintage color, everything….love. love love love. I could see so much potential in this little lady.

photos courtesy of my 10yr old brotha

before I hacked it up, I brainstormed. then I woke up early one Saturday, grabbed the first sibling I could find [which happened to be the 10yr old brother] and said “Hey take a picture of me in this wedding dress!” oh that was one hilarious experience. his eyes got REALLY wide and he goes “….THAT is your dress??? Umm….okay…” and then he became the most serious little photographer I have ever met. until he accidentally switched my iPhone to the video setting.

I’ve actually gotten quite a few comments about how it’s too bad the 80s sleeves are out of style cause the original looks REALLY cute….yeah. Can’t say I agree 100%, but I still loved it all the same!

anyway. I slaved away, found parts of other wedding dresses we had lying around the house, invented fancy new ways to pin it all together [including this new method of stuffing your dress with blankets, sticking a Swiffer mop up the back, and propping it up on a chair in order to drape a perfect skirt….I call it the “I don’t have a dress form but what do I care?” technique [except that’s a little bit of a lie because I really really WOULD care to have a dressform…just in case you want to get me a birthday present or anything]]

…..And ended up with this!

It was lovlier than I ever imagined it could be. I was one happy camper.

 © Terissa Tuckett Photography 2011

and the best part?? my dress cost me less than $20 total. my Mom originally purchased the dress for about $5, the parts of other dresses I used were probably under $10, and the supplies I purchased were under $5. I don’t know if you get a thrill out of bargains like I do, but that just makes me all giddy!

so yes. that is my story of how a poofy-sleeved 1980’s gown was transformed into a lovely vintage-esque gown that was everything I ever wanted.

(right image) © Terissa Tuckett Photography 2011

even though the poof-tastic sleeves might have been good for our first dance (yep, that’s really what we danced to)…I am still glad I did this.


Love — Rach

wedding photos taken by the lovely Teri Tuckett.

Culinary Exploits

So, since I am currently a stay-at-home-wife, I’ve been engaged in a lot of housewifery lately.

You know, things like cleaning. And doing laundry. And sewing stuff. And learning to embroider.

And lots and LOTS of cooking/baking.

Unfortunately I love making and eating food SO much that I neglect to take pictures of what I’m doing. I could take pictures of the leftovers for you, or the dishes/utensils that are still sitting in the sink from last night’s dinner….but I don’t think that would be quite as appetizing.


the inside of our fridge [leftovers included]. YUM.

I will give you recipes and links though! 🙂

Creamy Chicken Enchiladas (from a recipe that I improvised, and it turned out fabulously! I’m really bad at dictating recipes….I’ll post iteventually.)

Green Smoothies (I just improvise these! Frozen fruit+milk or yogurt+handful of spinach. Fresh fruit if I have it. I’ll usually add a packet of raspberry Emergen-C too, for an added boost!)

Soft Pretzels (Auntie Anne’s Style)

Buttermilk French Toast  (I served with caramelized peaches, yum! did you know that 1C milk + 1T white vinegar + 5 minutes = buttermilk substitute? yay!)

Homemade Chicken Pot Pie (with THIS pie crust – my favorite! that pie is also a good one.)

Ham and Potato Soup (hubs LOVES it, I think it could be better, but is still good! I’d make it again, probably with different ham)

Amish White Bread (SO SO GOOD. BEST BREAD EVER.)

Chocolate Cake-In-A-Mug! (‘fudgier’ version. delish.)

My strategy for finding good recipes is REALLY complex….I go to google. Type in the recipe I want to find. And then I make the one with the highest rating and highest number of reviews. BAM. 🙂

ANYWAY. After making all of these delicious things this week….today has been a bust. I woke up feeling kind of gross (thanks husband, I still love you!) but decided I’d make another loaf of bread (because I may or may not have eaten almost the entire loaf while the hubs was at work today).

Umm, guess what. It wouldn’t knead. Then it wouldn’t rise. It was a tough, leathery MESS. I added some oil and am now encouraging it to rise, again. For the third time. I am determined to make it work out. I will cook that thing in my oven even if it ends up being an inedible mass of carbohydrates.

Then, I decided to make the virtually foolproof cake-in-a-mug again.

It also failed. It was disgusting.

So, even though this week as a whole has been a good week for my cooking skillz….today has not been fabulous.

And on top of that, I can’t get the most recent episode of Project Runway: All-Stars to load.


Hubs said he would take charge of dinner tonight for me though. Even though he’s sick too. What a mighty good man 🙂 I can’t wait for him to get home.

Love –Rach


it’s really amazing, how many wonderful and amazing friends I have now. I love them. I love being a good friend and I love having good friends in return.

I actually had a lot of crap friends growing up, to be honest…

as you can see from my earlier post about my new glasses….I was not a cool kid. I was a huge dork. and I was kind of weird and annoying too….so. it took a while to learn good-friend-skills and make some good friends.

K & 1st grade:

I had this friend whose Dad happened to be the richest Dad in the WORLD. her house was ginormous. she had all the coolest toys, and a hugemongous secret playroom. the first time I was invited over to her house, she showed me the secret playroom. and it was awesome. until she wanted to play a game called “naked princesses” which involved both of us parading around in our birthday suits. She made me promise not to tell her Mom about it. I really didn’t want to play. so I didn’t. she said she would punch me. I said I’d tell on her. she punched me. I ratted her out. her Mom had the weirdest look on her face and also didn’t seem to think it was a huge deal at the same time. we were still friends after that [because, well, she was my only friend]. I went to her fancy birthday parties. she came to my house once and said “why is your house so SMALL???”

they built a new elementary school that opened for our second grade year. she was in the new school boundaries. I was devastated.

2nd grade [and every other grade]:

this girl was a constant frenemy for the rest of my elementary school days. most of the time she was an enemy, though. one day, I was wearing an undershirt. the strap slipped out. frenemy saw it and said “ARE YOU WEARING A BRA?!?!” I said no, stupid, this is an undershirt. she came over, looked down my shirt, and said “NUH-UH, IT’S A BRA.” and then proceeded to tell the rest of the class very loudly. I cried. and was laughed at for crying. so from then on I decided never to cry in public [a habit I’ve only just barely been getting around to breaking].

another time frenemy asked me why I took so long to go to the bathroom in our portable-trailer classroom. “DID YOU GO NUMBER TWO?!” this was embarrassing in two ways. firstly, I was not familiar with the terms “number one” and “number two” in regards to bowel movements. secondly, she then started whispering to the whole class that I had pooped in the bathroom AND I didn’t know what “number two” meant. she even went back to smell the room and came back with a report that it smelled funny so she must be right even if I was denying it.

for the record, when you gotta go you gotta go! I was mortified because I really hated going #2  at school and I really hoped no one would notice.

randomly at recess one day, said frenemy was actually nice to me! she even gave me her phone number and said we should have a sleepover. I called her. she made up excuses about why she couldn’t play. I tried calling her again at a later date, and she stopped answering my calls.

I used to think really mean thoughts about her bottom when I got stuck walking up the stairs behind her. I’m really sorry for that now.

3rd grade:

I made a friend that I thought was super duper!! she was so nice to me, and we played together at recess, and she invited me to her house and she came to mine. her mom was never very nice to me. but we were friends anyway. until one day she stopped letting me play Spice Girls during recess. and stopped talking to me. and never invited me over to her house ever again. I was so absolutely devastated at this betrayal. I cried to my mother about it for weeks months years [and that, my friends, is how I learned to let go of grudges].

we had a PE class together in high school and she was super nice. we were even on the same [really awful] tennis team!

5th&6th grade:

I was part of a friend-triangle. it was dramatic. my two friends were always fighting with each other and I was always trying to keep the peace. then one friend just….stopped being our friend completely. she pretended to ignore me  in the halls and didn’t want me to have her phone number anymore, which was kind of an “ouch” moment.

the other part of the trio and I remained friends. she is great.

okay…I think I’ll stop now.

I DID have a couple (as in: literally two) very good friends during these years, and I am so grateful for them and appreciate their kindness more than they know 🙂 and even though being teased growing up was rough, I am grateful for that too.

It made me who I am. It helped me to stop caring about being popular and with the “in” crowd. I stopped caring what people thought of me. I tried my best to be nice to absolutely everyone. I tried to not give people a reason to have problems with me. And for the most part, these habits have stuck 🙂

even though kids are cruel, even the bullied kids can turn out to be a-okay.

and that is the moral of my story, I guess. [mostly I just kept thinking about these experiences and couldn’t sleep so decided to write it out, yo.]

Love — Rach


Today, I helped my cousin-in-law watch her children and the children of two of her sisters.

I. loved. it.

I really, really, really enjoy playing with and taking care of kids. I’ve really been missing it, too. hanging out with kiddos has been a huge part of my life, but after you’re in college people just don’t ask you to babysit anymore….unless you are a nanny [which I was].

I was talking to the husband after I got home and said something about how I wasn’t sick of kids yet because I’m not a mother.

and he said, “I don’t think you’ll ever get sick of them…” (sweet, right?) “…..it takes a certain lack of maturity to enjoy a lack of years.”

then he started giggling maniacally and gave me a big fat hug and kiss.

he sure is a tease. I love him a lot : )

PS – I asked him what that statement says about him, trying to tease him back (he’s six years my senior)…he just laughed and said “That you’re AWESOME.”

I can’t win.

Love — Rach


bahahaha, spectacles. that is such a humorous word. I don’t have a habit of referring to my glasses as “spectacles”. but you know, the word “glasses” can also refer to vessels that hold beverages, and “spectacles” sounds oh-s0-much cooler than “eye glasses”…so maybe I will make it a habit to use that term. hmm. 🙂

ANYWAY. that is not what I originally intended to write about!


I got new specs today!

I like them, I think.

it’s so weird, every time I get a spiffy new set of frames, I have a miniature identity crisis [like, we’re talking so minuscule it would be a mid-life crisis for an atomic particle]. every time I walk past a mirror I have this “WHOA. WHO IS THAT.” kind of reaction. and even if I know the spectacles are spiffy and I like them when they are off of my face, I am still not sure if I like them when they are on my face. it takes me forever to feel like they are a part of me and allow them to define who I am.

and these life-saving sight-giving devices are completely different from any others I have ever owned.


I know you’ve always wanted to giggle at my school portraits.  click to enlarge. you’re welcome.

so, this is a pretty big change in my life. OH BOY.

well, in all reality, I guess it’s just like getting a new haircut. except hair grows back and usually haircuts do not cost you $200+ and hairstyles are not expected to last you at *least* two years. but still. same concept of the minuscule identity crisis I guess 🙂

how about you all?? do you ever feel this way with new eye glasses or hair styles or anything? what stellar specs did you don in the golden age of grade school?

love you all! — Rach