Do you want to hear the story of my wedding dress? It’s a pretty good one, I think!

 Β© Terissa Tuckett Photography 2011

once upon a time, I got engaged! it was awesome!

I had always wanted to make my own wedding dress, ever since I learned how to sew. but, the hubs and I decided that we only wanted to be engaged for ten weeks. that is not much time to construct a wedding dress in, even for a lead foot seamstress like myself.

however, something else I’ve done ever since I learned how to sew, is repurpose clothing! “repurposing” is a fancy-pants word I learned a few years ago that means “taking something old/ugly/out dated apart and turning it into something fabulous”. my mom liked to call it “WHY DID YOU CUT UP YOUR BEST PAIR OF JEANS AGAIN?!” while I was growing up πŸ™‚

I somehow forgot that cutting old things up was something I liked to do [warning: stress can make you lose your identity sometimes], until I read this awesome book that this awesome friendΒ passed on toΒ me. [tangent: I still have it and would love to pass it on to you if you need it! hit me up! it’s lovely.]

There was an ENTIRE section about vintage dresses and re-working them and different suggestions. “HOLY COW THAT IS WHAT I DO ALL THE TIME WHY DID I NOT THINK OF THAT,” I thought. “THANK YOU FOR THE FABULOUS IDEA, BOOK!!”

I went to my dear Momma with this idea. and whaddya know, she actually HAD some vintage wedding dresses lurking in a craft supply bucket somewhere! I went on a hunt, and found them within five minutes. the first one I excavated??

THIS beauty. I fell in love with it! The lace, the creamy vintage color, everything….love. love love love. I could see so much potential in this little lady.

photos courtesy of my 10yr old brotha

before I hacked it up, I brainstormed. then I woke up early one Saturday, grabbed the first sibling I could find [which happened to be the 10yr old brother] and said “Hey take a picture of me in this wedding dress!” oh that was one hilarious experience. his eyes got REALLY wide and he goes “….THAT is your dress??? Umm….okay…” and then he became the most serious little photographer I have ever met. until he accidentally switched my iPhone to the video setting.

I’ve actually gotten quite a few comments about how it’s too bad the 80s sleeves are out of style cause the original looks REALLY cute….yeah. Can’t say I agree 100%, but I still loved it all the same!

anyway. I slaved away, found parts of other wedding dresses we had lying around the house, invented fancy new ways to pin it all together [including this new method of stuffing your dress with blankets, sticking a Swiffer mop up the back, and propping it up on a chair in order to drape a perfect skirt….I call it the “I don’t have a dress form but what do I care?” technique [except that’s a little bit of a lie because I really really WOULD care to have a dressform…just in case you want to get me a birthday present or anything]]

…..And ended up with this!

It was lovlier than I ever imagined it could be. I was one happy camper.

 Β© Terissa Tuckett Photography 2011

and the best part?? my dress cost me less than $20 total. my Mom originally purchased the dress for about $5, the parts of other dresses I used were probably under $10, and the supplies I purchased were under $5. I don’t know if you get a thrill out of bargains like I do, but that just makes me all giddy!

so yes. that is my story of how a poofy-sleeved 1980’s gown was transformed into a lovely vintage-esque gown that was everything I ever wanted.

(right image) Β© Terissa Tuckett Photography 2011

even though the poof-tastic sleeves might have been good for our first danceΒ (yep, that’s really what we danced to)…I am still glad I did this.


Love — Rach

wedding photos taken by the lovely Teri Tuckett.

19 thoughts on “dressy!

    • Heather! I’m so glad I had the option to borrow your dress if this didn’t work out, you are so awesome for being willing to let me do that! And I loved yours! haha there were a few moments where I almost completely messed this one up…glad I didn’t though πŸ™‚ thank you lady!

  1. You’re one legit person, Rachel Rydalch!
    And you know what made this so much better?
    The fact that I could “hear” you saying it.
    But for serious, I’m super impressed!

  2. you’re suuuper awesome. I like that you’re my sister πŸ˜€
    but seriously, this transformation should be on TV or something because it is so good. haha πŸ™‚ i looove you!

  3. you are like my hero! I can’t believe you only paid $20 for that amazing dress. And you got the satisfaction of doing it yourself. A-mazing! WEll done. Looking forward to reading the rest of your blog.

  4. And I thought I’d done well with mine at $80. You put me to shame, lady! Fabulous job, and I’m so glad you shared the story!

    • haha, my Mom was really proud of her $50 dress! My Dad kept making jokes about how I beat her deal and she couldn’t brag anymore πŸ™‚ thank you so much!

  5. LOVE ur story!!!! haha u did set a high bar for us (single) to rise ;]
    U are beautiful in the your grown and thanks for fixing my sis`s grown!!!!

    • yeah….they added an entirely new view on the word “poofy”. I didn’t even fluff them up to their full potential before chopping them off….scary huh? thanks Bri πŸ™‚

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  7. Wow, you did an AMAZING job with that dress! It definitely had potential, but your refashioned dress is absolutely gorgeous and it looks the best because it looks so beautiful on you! Well done and congrats!! πŸ™‚

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