I am turning into a hippie…

….or something like it.

  1. my husbands’ grandpa has basically converted me to the Prius. it has great gas-mileage, the way it works is SO COOL, and it’s eco-friendly!
  2. I talked said husband into getting some herbal tea to help him sleep better. he loves it. and it works. we drink tea together every evening now.
  3. I’ve been researching cloth diapers, thanks to my lovely friend Hannah who’s been blogging about them recently and sharing her experiences! [she has SO many posts about cloth diapering, check them out if you’re interested] I’m totally sold. they save you money, make potty-training easier, and they’re better for the earth!
  4. the hubs and I [who already ate a lot of whole/un-processed foods] decided to change our diet for the better. I went to WinCo today and came home with huge bags of bulk quinoa, flax seed, and organic rolled oats – somewhat smaller bags of raw almonds and dried fruit – fresh almond butter and honey – and more fruits and veggies than you could shake a proverbial stick at. YUMMM.
  5. in conjunction with the aforementioned dietary change, I’m also considering giving up sugar completely [and using Stevia/agave/honey instead]. any thoughts on that? I’ve done sugar-free before, for a few weeks, with my Momma.
  6. I’m kinda-sorta finally getting back into my daily yoga routine! Still a bit hit and miss, but I’m getting better. I’ve missed yoga so SO much.

I think what seals the deal though, is that we have officially decided that when the day comes that we have our own home…we are going to keep our own bees.

plus the fact that I plan on living somewhere warm enough that I never have to wear shoes ever again.

but you know what? I think I’m 100% okay with being a hippie.

Peace out — Rach

12 thoughts on “I am turning into a hippie…

  1. We will be best hippie friends!
    I think going sugar-free would be so great! Agave is my favorite sweetener anyway. And fresh honey is so yummy!

    • HOORAY hippie bffs! 🙂 Agave is my favorite too! And WinCo has fresh agave in their bulk foods section for cheap too…right by the honey and almond butter…I was so tempted!

  2. Sugar free living is best. On the rare occasion I’ve managed it for more than a couple of days I’ve ended up feeling on top of the world. Why oh why do I get dragged back in?? 1 word: chocolate. I wish they’d tax the brown stuff so heavily that I can’t afford it anymore.

    • Ahhh I know, chocolate is my downfall too!! I love dark chocolate though, so I try telling myself it’s not that bad because there isn’t that much added sugar in a bar with 90% cocoa beans….but…it’s still sugar. haha 🙂

    • yes!! 🙂 both blogs are mine – I just haven’t updated the nailpolish one in quite some time….I can’t ever decide what to post about! I’m hoping to be able to write something today 🙂

  3. I didn’t think that we were tenting toward hippie until I read you post hah. I guess we can join that club too! Also, I totally want bees. 1. to pollenate the huge orchard I will have and 2. my aunt and uncle own an apiary and I get my raw honey from them. Best. Honey. EVER. I want a constant flow of that delicious honey. They also make 100% sugar free candy and use honey instead. We want to go visit their apiary some time. I’ll let you know when we go if you guys want to come too! It’s in Wyoming.

    • Ditto!! I live in Venice at the moment…and the hippies are my favorite. 🙂

      (and yeah..I know your comment is months old…my bad for not responding sooner!)

  4. Apparently I never added your blog to my reader.
    I AM SO PROUD. And, this will come as absolutely no surprise to you at all, but my parentals totes have bees.

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