I think I have a love/hate relationship with Disneyland.

I know, I KNOW, it’s the happiest place on Earth! how could I even THINK of having hateful feelings toward the epitome of childhood and smiles and all things good?!?


I do love that place. I love it a lot. the rides are great, the people are nice, the shows are awesome, the souvenir shopping is fun, the food is yummy, the background music is lovely and catchy, and you get to meet real live princesses and other awesome cartoon characters that have been brought to life!!

I guess the only part I don’t really like is the “Disney hangover” that comes from walking around a theme park for fifteen hours in the heat and consuming copious amounts of MSG. and also the times when I forget to bring a sweater because it was 70 degrees that morning and suddenly it is night time and 50 degrees and I am freezing my booty off.

that’s about it, really.

our family vacation was truly wonderful πŸ™‚ I’m so happy I got to hang out with my awesome family!

photographic evidence of awesomeness:

just chillin, ridin coasters, doing the YMCA….nbd.

Love — Rach

9 thoughts on “Disneyland!

  1. I love Disneyland. I’ve been to Disneyworld Florida, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea. My little girl is too young to appreciate it yet, but when she’s older we’ll be going off to EuroDisney, I’m sure! I love the way it’s like stepping out of life for a while.

    • I do love how you completely step out of life! That part is wonderful πŸ™‚
      I think the “hate” part of my Disneyland relationship would dissolve if I went for smaller increments of time! But, I am horrible at doing that, because then I don’t feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of the trip…just need to find a happy medium I think πŸ™‚

      • I guess we stayed at a hotel nearby and went for 3 days in a row – it’s a big old trip from England to Florida! Also I was a kid and you don’t feel the heat / cold / tiredness the same then!

  2. I love disneyland, I grew up there, almost once a month or more I was spending a night a week there. I can honestly say , I don’t think I could ever tire of the wonderful place, it is a great way to escape for a while, thats what makes it so magical!

    • It is totally magical!! I think if I lived close and was able to go often (I do actually have an annual pass this year…) it would be even better πŸ™‚ the fact that it’s a huge trip to get there, and then if you don’t stay from open to close it feels like you aren’t getting your money’s worth is what kills it for me. I do love it though! I just need to regulate the amount of time spent there in one day, I think. And remember a jacket. Haha!

  3. I know EXACTLY how you feel!!! Every time I have gone to disneyland it has gone like this:
    aloha, 7 am.
    let’s drive to disneyland.
    and arrive just as the park is opening.
    and stay
    and get super hot during the afternoon.
    and freeze your life away during the night.
    and by the time all the cool shows are on, you will be begging to go home.
    but you can’t!
    and then I HATE disneyland!!!
    and I find myself resolving to never go there again.
    and start to realize that my children will just have to tag along with a relative or friend if they ever want to see that disney magic, because I sure am never going there again.
    But I am positive that if I could experience disneyland in 3 hour increments, my attitude towards it would be totally different.
    but until then….

    phew. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest, Rachel. I feel a lot better now πŸ™‚

    • THANK YOU ALISHA! That is how I feel!! Haha, I think I could even handle 5 hours….but yeah.
      I might take my kids, but only after they’re out of strollers and diapers and only if they’re not whiny when they have to walk a lot. I don’t want to mess with the seas of stroller parking…and the Texting-Stroller-Moms are the worst. Plus poopy Disneyland diapers do not sound like fun. Hahahahaha πŸ™‚

      Maybe someday my husband will work for Disney and then we can go for free and that will make it better??

      I miss you Alisha!

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