What time is it?! Prom time!

Oh hello! Guess what I spent my weekend (and the first part of this week) doing?!

Making a prom dress, that’s what!!

My dear friend’s little sister is going to prom this weekend, and was having a bit of a dress crisis. She couldn’t find anything she liked, or anything with sleeves and a non-hoochy-mama-esque skirt length. Being modest and non-frumpy is rough.

So we took a trip to the local JoAnn Fabrics last Friday and came up with a vision for a ridiculously sparkly retro-style dress!
I also had the pleasure of introducing Becky to the amazingness which is the soft pretzels at the mall. It made the trip complete. I will have to write about my undying love for soft pretzels another time, because it knows no bounds, yo.

ANYWAY. Feast your eyes, folks! (and please ignore the cleaning supplies and other junk in my apartment, haha):



Becky has some of the awesomest poses : )

We were both stoked about how this turned out!!! You can’t tell from these (crappy iPhone) photos, but it has pockets and the skirt is full so there’s mad crazy twirling potential : D

For anyone who’s curious – this is Vogue #V8615. It’s a “Very Easy Vogue” pattern, and I’d have to say I agree with that assessment! It was awesome and made so much sense. I followed it almost precisely (just adjusted the neckline and some sizing a bit) – something I rarely do when I sew. But I just loved this one so much! The bottom (teal) layer is a satin taffeta, and the top (shiny) layer is…some synthetic material that has left a sequin infestation in my apartment : P

This is the fourth prom dress I’ve made, and it turned out SO MUCH better than the other three. Sometimes I wish I could have a do-over with the dresses I made for friends before, using the skills I have now! They would have turned out a bajillion times better. Haha. So, sorry Kati and Heather and Sarah…but thanks for giving me the chance to practice! If you ever need a dress for anything ever again, hit me up : ) I’d love to have a do-over!

And, thanks for reading my blog, everyone who read this. I really appreciate that you care enough about what I have to say to take time out of your day to hear me ramble : )

love — rach

above photos taken by Rhonda, my iPhone.

photos BELOW were stolen with love from Becky’s facebook. THANKS BECKY.

Edited to add:

Photos from prom night! Becky’s Mom made some last minute additions to the dress, and they styled err’thang all retro-fab. I AM A FAN.

PS those sequins? Yeah, I found one stuck to my hubs’ leg the other day. In late August. After we moved halfway up the West coast. I AM SO IMPRESSED WITH THEIR STAYING POWER.

My embroidery wonderland

after being inspired by the multitudes of embroidered lyrics out there on the interwebs, I felt that this lyric needed to be immortalized in textile form:


I made it especially for my dear friend Liza, who is currently adventuring in the land of the elderly (AKA Florida). she is the biggest Flight of the Conchords fan I know, and I am so grateful she introduced me to their melodical masterpieces when we were in college : )

I’ve got more lyrical textiles in the works, be excited!

love — rach

Some of my other favorite FOTC songs: one, two , three. I highly recommend them : )