My embroidery wonderland

after being inspired by the multitudes of embroidered lyrics out there on the interwebs, I felt that this lyric needed to be immortalized in textile form:


I made it especially for my dear friend Liza, who is currently adventuring in the land of the elderly (AKA Florida). she is the biggest Flight of the Conchords fan I know, and I am so grateful she introduced me to their melodical masterpieces when we were in college : )

I’ve got more lyrical textiles in the works, be excited!

love — rach

Some of my other favorite FOTC songs: one, two , three. I highly recommend them : )


9 thoughts on “My embroidery wonderland

  1. I am one lucky chickadee and I absolutely adore this. U da best. And I can’t wait to see what other masterpieces you’re working on!

  2. hahaha this is so great! I love the “hey ho” on the tea kettle. Dylan and I love to sing this song. mainly bc it is the only rap song we know the lyrics to.

    • Hahahaha same with us!! Well, we also know the Star Wars Gangsta Rap. So I guess there’s two rap songs we like to sing. We’re straight up homie G’s, yo.

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