calla lily


I was having one of those mornings.
You know, the ones where it seems like the universe is out to avenge some stupendous wrong you’ve committed against it. Except you can’t think of what you’ve done that might be revenge-worthy, and life just seems unfair. It was an extremely melodramatic “terrible, no-good, very bad day”. You get the picture.

I was running late for work, and I left my house at a half-run, half-speed walk, not really focusing on much except my melancholy mood. And how I hated life that day. And how I really preferred to be happy so how could I get rid of this crap-a-dap mood I was in and persuade the universe to be kind to me?

I passed a gardener, pulling some weeds.
I smiled and said hello.
He returned my smile and said, “Do you want this?”

It took me a moment to climb out of the pit of self-pity I’d dug for myself and understand what exactly was going on in the outside world.

He was holding out the largest calla lily I had ever seen, and offering it to me.

I said sure! Thanked him. Resumed my awkward gait and again was on my way.
My spirits were significantly buoyed : )

Instead of wallowing around in the muck of despair [I had built up quite a nice puddle in my brain], I thought of other things. How beautiful this flower was. How it reminded me of my Mother. How kind that gentleman was. How this was an answer to my prayer for a better outlook on the day. God is awesome, you guys!

I also considered what I was to DO with this spontaneous bit of joy.
For a moment, I thought it would be good to bring it home after work, and use it to beautify my drab little shoebox of a home. Then I could be happy each time I looked at it!

But that didn’t seem good enough. It was too selfish of a plan for something so unselfishly given.

As I neared work, I saw a lady heading toward me on the sidewalk. She was dragging two large garbage bags, which must have contained all her Earthly possessions. Every other person who passed her was pretending she did not exist.

I approached her with a smile. Gave her the flower. Talked for a moment. Gave her some food. Wished her well, promised I would pray for her. Went on my way.

The utter joy and gratitude exuding from her in that moment – well, it brought me infinitely more happiness than the calla lily ever could have on its own.

And the rest of that day was wonderful.


4 thoughts on “calla lily

  1. There is just something about a well timed moment, that makes you eternally grateful you are a Daughter of God. Thank goodness, for the kindness and thoughtfulness of others! Love this story and hope your day got better!

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