Instagram substitute

Sometimes, living in a city larger than one I’ve ever lived in before can really get to me. I am not necessarily a fan of city living…but I don’t hate it either. Especially not when I notice how beautiful it is and how lucky I am to live near the ocean : )

Here are some scenes from my week!














Sometimes, I just can’t get over how cool/pretty/downright rad the houses are around here. And yes…I baked a raspberry pie in the kitchen hole : ) have I shown you the kitchen hole before??


Yep, that is my “kitchen” while we’re living in the shoebox : ) it’s tiny, but I make it work. I haven’t cursed in frustration once! (I can’t say the same for grunts, yells, and unintelligible mumblings of anger though…those still happen occasionally. Haha : P )

Well anyway. That’s my life as of late!


My dear friend Hannah is featuring me on her awesome blog today! You should check it out : ) it’s my first ever attempt at fashion blogging and taking “outfit photos”…so you have to promise not to laugh too hard. Okay? Okay : )

I hope you’re all just fine and dandy and enjoying the start of the best season of the year (SUMMER!)
: )

— love, rach

p.s. it’s true…I recently deleted instagram from my phone. I miss it dearly. But not quite badly enough to break my “no social networking apps” streak I’ve got going on : P I recently downloaded Photo Editor ++ fo’ free, and I love it! I also send my dear friend insta-Manda-grams in lieu of instagramming. It’s a great replacement : )

8 thoughts on “Instagram substitute

    • Hey thanks!! That shadow was probably the best part of my day, I’m glad the photo actually captured how cool it was 🙂 thanks for stopping by!

  1. hahaha Rachel you are great!! I just looked at your little fashion blog over on your friend’s blog–so great!! Those are always so fun! You have motivated me to find more outfits out of the clothes I already have…because I currently hate 89% of my clothes!!!! And where are you living now???

    • LISHA! Haha you are my favorite! 🙂 thanks, friend!! You should totally go crazy in your closet. It is a lot of fun. Well, cleaning it up isn’t, but the rest is great 😛 and we’re living in Los Angeles (Venice specifically) for the summer!

  2. Oh that railing shadow picture is awesome!! I love your house pictures! And I’m so impressed with your cooking skills (that pie!) using your sad little kitchen hole! You champion homemaker, you!

  3. Hey heyyy! Your post on modesty/closet adventures was so great, haha. You can pull off looks that a lot of people can’t, and I love you for that! 🙂

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