Family time!

We escaped the concrete jungle of LA/Santa Monica/Venice/etc!! Woohoo! Don’t get me wrong, I love that place more than I expected, but you can’t beat the ‘burbs. and family. and friends. : )

Our rental car is a bit worse for wear…it smells like cigarettes (and has the accompanying burns on the interior), and the plastic interior of a wheel well flew clean off when we were smack in the middle of the 580, but no harm done! It definitely did a better job than our ‘Ol Bess (AKA the miracle $10 machine) would have done. We think she is on her last legs, sadly : (

It is so much fun being back in the Bay.

My man is a baby whisperer, y’all! They love him. Especially Ada! It was quite endearing : D

FINALLY GOT TO SEE BRAVE (after hearing all about it for over a year, with this guy refusing to give anything away)!!!! Seeing my hubster’s name in the credits was a pretty awesome moment : ) and it is a simply WONDERFUL film. You should go see it. Now.

I’m pretty bad at taking pictures, so that’s all I’ve got. Unless you wanted to see the dying bee we found on the front porch today.

Oh, you didn’t want to see that? Sorry. I apologize for my family’s many eccentricities involving dead and dying bugs/insects/arachnids….

I do wish I had snapped a picture of Rosemary and I in our super cool unicorn shirts, because that was a really special moment : P

Anyway this is disjointed. But basically I am relishing this family time and a break from life, and I hope you are all loving your lives too, because there is so much to be grateful for : )

Love — Rach

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    • Because he did an internship/residency at Pixar all of last year! He works in animation 🙂 his name is under the “Global Tech, Crowds, and Rendering” category in the crowds group!

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