Recollections of Babyhood

I was just talking to my Momma dearest. As was giving me words of motherly wisdom and encouragement she added, “I KNOW you will be able to do anything you set your mind on doing! You are determined and you DO things! No matter what it is! You came out that way!!”

She then recounted the story of how, as a baby, I couldn’t quite get the hang of how to crawl at first. But I didn’t let that stop me from going where I wanted to go, all by myself….I taught myself how to roll instead. I was a steamrollin’ machine!

crazy-haired, steamrollin’ child

My Mom would take me to playgroups with other ladies and their babies, and they’d have the Mommy talks, “Oh, how is she eating, how are her naps, and is she crawling yet??”

My Mom would always reply, “Oh, no, she doesn’t crawl….but she is DEFINITELY mobile,”

And the ladies would just smile and give a rousing, “Oh that’s nice.”

Until they’d been distracted for a while and suddenly couldn’t find me, and I turned up all the way across the living room and halfway down the hall.

Then they were giving a rousing, “HOW THE HECK DID SHE GET THERE?! You said she doesn’t even crawl!!”

“Well, I told you she was mobile.” was my Momma’s tongue-in-cheek reply…

mobility is for makin’ messes and eatin’ onions. YUM.

This story is pretty funny to me. But what’s even funnier, is that it speaks volumes about who I still am as an individual.

Even though this happened when I was less than a year old, the same basic personality traits can apply to my twenty-something self.

Impressive, ain’t it?!

I am so grateful to have parents around to remind us who we are, with simple silly stories like this.

Are there any stories from your childhood that you love/are hilarious/mean something to you?! I love hearing baby stories : ) and seeing others’ baby photos. It’s one of my hobbies. Not that I sneak into parents’ homes and look through family photo albums…that would be creepy. But if it happens to come up somehow, I secretly love it. So feel free to share 🙂

love, rach

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the latest from embroidery land…

I will give you exactly 30 seconds to get the reference here.

If you don’t get it by then, we are officially no longer friends.


OKAY JUST KIDDING I STILL LOVE YOU! Please watch this clip from Nacho Libre and be enlightened:

And now go find a way to watch the rest of the film right now. I promise your life will be better for it.

So anyways, back to the embroidery business…

hug hug, kiss kiss, hug hug, BIG KISS, little hug, kiss kiss, little kiss!

I made this for my hubs! I wanted to make something for him that said “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH”, but in a less cheesetastic way, so that he might actually want to display it to the general public. And also because I’m just not a cheesy, lovey-dovey person like that.

One of our favorite movies is Nacho Libre. It gets quoted in our home at least five times a day, minimum. And I have always loved this sentiment! Thus the idea to recreate it with a needle and thread was born.

I’m super happy with the way it turned out. I love how simple it is, and the unique dimensions just tickle my fancy! I was so happy to find this frame that fit it perfectly.

AND, my husband is even going to take it to work to decorate his office. SCORE.

Anyway! I’m still working on a piece that’s superbly awesome, it’s just taking me a while because I’ve been neglecting it a little bit…but I will have it ready to show you shortly! Maybe stating that in writing will give me more motivation to finish 😉 thanks for checking this out!

Love, Rach

ps – see my previous embroidery post here [yes, sadly, there is only one other one at the moment] 

pps – I know my version doesn’t exactly match what Nacho wrote in the movie, BUT it goes with the verbal description of how he read the x’s and o’s. 🙂

Book Review: Evertaster

It’s not very often that I come across a book so delightfully delicious that I want to sing its’ praises from the roof tops…but this summer, it happened. Feast your eyes:

While you can’t literally see the whole novel in such cinematographic beauty, the writing is so masterfully done that I felt as if I was constructing a film in my imagination. Those are the best kinds of books, I think.

Evertaster is a middle-grade (young adult/middle school level) novel about Guster Johnsonville and his extremely picky palette. The quote in the trailer is one of my favorites from the book:

image courtesy the Evertaster Facebook page [click through]

In short, Guster’s palate is so refined that he does not simply taste “food”. He can discern each and every ingredient and it’s origin – what the cows that produced the butter were fed on, the type of breeze that tickled the skin of the lemon that was zested, and more. These tastebuds, although quite impressive, are somewhat of a curse for Guster. Most of what passes as edible in our supermarkets today creates a purely putrid eating experience for him! On a quest to cure this horrible ailment, the poor child inadvertently throws his entire family in the path of danger and a formidable adventure ensues…

Evertaster is a fast-paced adventure mystery, with just the right amount of comedy and heartwarming family moments [the ending is my favorite, I may have shed a tear]. Not to mention  there are countless mouth-watering food descriptions that will really whet your appetite! Word to the wise: keep some snacks handy. All in all, this book is the perfect recipe for a classic family favorite – a fun read for kids and adults alike! I give it two enthusiastic fist pumps way, way up – and I can’t wait to read more.

AND! What makes it even better?? The author, Adam Glendon Sidwell, is one rad dude.

Author Adam and his wife Michelle

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him (and his family) in real life. And let me tell you, he is a friendly, amiable, and hysterical guy! He used to work in the animation industry – building monsters and dinosaurs and giant robots for movies such as Peter Jackson’s King Kong, Transformers, and Tron. His wife Michelle is a gem, one of my favorite people that I’ve ever met. And their little less-that-a-year-old daughter is completely precious! Moral of the story: awesome things come from awesome people.

Anyway. Enough from me. Go read Evertaster already!!

It’s available on Amazon, the paperback copy is a mere $10 and the Kindle version is $2.99.

Recommended for ages 9+, or grade 4+.

Happy reading, everyone! What was your favorite book that you read this summer??

love, Rach

An introduction of sorts…

My husband has a pretty cool job. It also happens that he loves it, is great at what he does, AND it pays our bills! How lucky is that?! I truly do feel blessed to be stuck with such a winner : )

Before meeting the hubs, I had only met one other person in real life that had a similar career. So I thought it might be fun to share snippets of what it’s actually like to have his job! Or rather, my perspective on what it’s like to be the spouse of someone in his line of work….

So now to answer the big question:

What exactly does he DO??

although his cartwheels are mighty impressive, he is not a gymnast or male cheerleader…

To keep it simple: He worked for  Pixar when I first met him (his name is in the credits for Brave), and will be working for Dreamworks in the near future.

To be more specific, in simpler terms: He is in the field of 3D animation.

To be even more specific: He is an FX Animator/Effects TD

FX/Effects = Special effects (smoke, fire, explosions, giant robot fights, etc).
TD = “Technical director”. It’s a fancy name for 3D artist. 
Fun fact = In the industry, people who are referred to as “Animators” are typically only the people that create the “performance” (make the characters move, create facial expressions, etc). People who specialize in other areas often have a qualifier for the type of animation they do (Effects Animator, Crowds Animator, etc).

DISCLAIMER: All of these terms and definitions are subject to change depending on which animation studio you are working with. There are no standardized job titles. Just FYI.

I could go on…
But that little segment right there will tell you everything you need to know about what the animation industry is really like.

Let’s just say the industry is like a simple, small, quintessential American “white picket fence” home. It looks beautiful, simple, and quite pleasant from the outside! Then you walk in the front door, turn down the hallway, pull book on a shelf which then swings out from the wall and reveals a stone staircase leading 200 feet underground. Once you reach the bottom, you enter a room full of revolving doors like unto the one in the Department of Mysteries*. All of the doors have solid brick walls behind them, with the exception of one that leads you into another room exactly like the first. Repeat this scenario two more times. Eventually you reach a room filled with a tropical rainforest, and you spend 274 days fighting your way through said rainforest (wild animals, quicksand, tropical storms and all) until you find a small tunnel at the back of a cave. This tunnel is directly vertical, with no ladder rungs or a rope or anything to help you climb, yet somehow you reach the top and find yourself in the backyard of the initially described nondescript house. Turns out, the backyard is also a mine field, and all entrances to the house and exits from the yard are heavily guarded, and you can’t really escape and you have no idea how you got there in the first place , but isn’t it a pretty-looking house from the front?!

AKA….it’s a lot more complicated than it looks.

Most of the time when my hubs says he can’t tell me what he did at work today, it isn’t because it’s top-secret. It’s simply because what he does is so esoteric that I wouldn’t get it. (I’m kind of starting to understand more though!) (and he might know some secrets after all…but I can’t tell you or I’d have to kill you….)

But it’s still totally, 100%, a career worth having.

I mean, how many people can say that every day they walked into work they were greeted by larger-than-life Lego models of Woody and Buzz Lightyear to one side and a case chock-full of Academy Awards on the other? Or that they had unrestricted access to the world’s greatest cereal bar in existence?? Or that they ran into JL in the bathroom a couple of times?!?!?

Not very many, I can tell you that.

I haven’t seen the Dreamworks campus yet, but I bet it’s full of awesomeness too. I’ll be sure to let you know : )

Love — Rach

have any questions about my hubs’ job or the animation industry in general?? let me know and I’ll answer as best I can! and of course I’ll solicit his help for things I don’t know much about! comment or email

*If you are not familiar with this Harry Potter reference, go read the books again right this minute

**image courtesy of my awesome sister, Sarah!