Book Review: Evertaster

It’s not very often that I come across a book so delightfully delicious that I want to sing its’ praises from the roof tops…but this summer, it happened. Feast your eyes:

While you can’t literally see the whole novel in such cinematographic beauty, the writing is so masterfully done that I felt as if I was constructing a film in my imagination. Those are the best kinds of books, I think.

Evertaster is a middle-grade (young adult/middle school level) novel about Guster Johnsonville and his extremely picky palette. The quote in the trailer is one of my favorites from the book:

image courtesy the Evertaster Facebook page [click through]

In short, Guster’s palate is so refined that he does not simply taste “food”. He can discern each and every ingredient and it’s origin – what the cows that produced the butter were fed on, the type of breeze that tickled the skin of the lemon that was zested, and more. These tastebuds, although quite impressive, are somewhat of a curse for Guster. Most of what passes as edible in our supermarkets today creates a purely putrid eating experience for him! On a quest to cure this horrible ailment, the poor child inadvertently throws his entire family in the path of danger and a formidable adventure ensues…

Evertaster is a fast-paced adventure mystery, with just the right amount of comedy and heartwarming family moments [the ending is my favorite, I may have shed a tear]. Not to mention  there are countless mouth-watering food descriptions that will really whet your appetite! Word to the wise: keep some snacks handy. All in all, this book is the perfect recipe for a classic family favorite – a fun read for kids and adults alike! I give it two enthusiastic fist pumps way, way up – and I can’t wait to read more.

AND! What makes it even better?? The author, Adam Glendon Sidwell, is one rad dude.

Author Adam and his wife Michelle

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him (and his family) in real life. And let me tell you, he is a friendly, amiable, and hysterical guy! He used to work in the animation industry – building monsters and dinosaurs and giant robots for movies such as Peter Jackson’s King Kong, Transformers, and Tron. His wife Michelle is a gem, one of my favorite people that I’ve ever met. And their little less-that-a-year-old daughter is completely precious! Moral of the story: awesome things come from awesome people.

Anyway. Enough from me. Go read Evertaster already!!

It’s available on Amazon, the paperback copy is a mere $10 and the Kindle version is $2.99.

Recommended for ages 9+, or grade 4+.

Happy reading, everyone! What was your favorite book that you read this summer??

love, Rach

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