This past weekend, a good friend of mine and her 1-year-old daughter stayed with us for a couple days. It was lovely!!

But now, I have a problem.

I have caught the “baby stuff bug”.

Ingrid helped me start a baby registry, because I was being all contrary about it and refusing to start one.

“I hate asking people to buy me things, it feels so needy and I hate that.”/”UGH WHY DO PEOPLE THINK THEY NEED SO MUCH JUNK FOR THEIR BABIES”/”I don’t even think baby clothes are cute”/”Why is all baby girl stuff pink, I hate pink.”/”I am such a grandma, I don’t like any of this modern stuff, why can’t I just find everything at thrift stores”/”I love children and babies but I think the whole baby industry is a scam, kind of like the wedding business. PEOPLE ARE JUST TRYING TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF OUR FEELINGS!”/etc etc etc….

These types of thoughts are probably also why I had the worst wedding registry in existence. AKA why we still have yet to own a complete set of dishes…we’re up to two glasses, two mugs, two plastic cereal bowls, and a whole mess of plates! woohoo!

Well, Ingrid pretty much smacked me upside the head and set me straight. “You will need basic onesies, some in every size. Bottles and a bottle brush, too. These swaddling blankets are great. You know you like this baby carrier, you’ve used mine. Register for the cloth diapers you want, I know you’ve researched them. Here are some thoughts on baby swings and car seats.”

I now see the light…some baby junk is essential. I’m remembering this now. It’s not like I don’t have any childcare experience.

But…I’ve also found the cute stuff (AKA: not pink).

All I want to do all day is edit my Amazon registry until it is absolutely perfect and has everything I could ever want or need listed.

And hunt down baby stuff at garage sales (I scored a great Johnny Jump Up and Umbrella Stroller for $8 total this weekend!)

And talk about baby things and hold other people’s babies and think about babies and babybabybabyblahblahblah….

Yep….I am turning into THAT lady.


love — rach

PS – on a slightly related note – I’ve been surprised lately by how much I find myself hating my entire wardrobe and how virtually all clothing looks on my current body. I find shopping for maternity clothes akin to shopping for a bathing suit. I am most definitely not a “cute fashionable pregnant lady”. I wish I was!! I just need to buckle down and buy some real maternity clothes, I think, if only I could find some that I like…Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated πŸ™‚ it’d be nice to enjoy this part of my life to the fullest now that I am (finally)(for the most part) not nauseous 24/7 πŸ˜›

6 thoughts on “Babies.

  1. Well I would love to buy you something for the baby… you and are on the same page about pink so all good there! lol I know how your feeling tho. With all my wedding planning I cant help but think about babies… doesnt help that I work with infants. lol But youll get everything you need and probably more lol

    • Haha aw thanks LaVerne!! And yeah…working with kiddos and thinking about getting married certainly doesn’t help, I was in the same boat (nannied for a while)! Totally understand πŸ˜›

  2. Ingred is the best, she has given me some of the best baby advice I have gotten. I am so excited you guys are still somewhat close.
    Oh baby stuff- you will quickly find that your house will double with the addition of a tiny 7 pound baby. I made a rule that I couldn’t go shopping or do anything baby related until I finished my Masters degree, it was my reward I guess you can say. However, now when I go shopping I go with the intention of buying the clothing items that I need, but I have such a hard time finding clothes that I want to buy/ are not so expensive that I always end up just buying Isaac something instead- it is so much easier

    • Hahaha, I’ve had the ‘buying things for myself’ problem too! I’ve ended up just buying things for Chris or the baby instead the last couple times I’ve tried to go shopping πŸ˜› I finally ordered some maternity clothes online, and they turned out great! I felt pretty accomplished. Hahaha πŸ™‚

  3. Our wedding registry was terrible too. I cringe when I think about a baby one. I’ll let you do all the research then just steal yours when we get preggers πŸ˜‰

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