Pregnant lady talk

So, I’ve been extremely stubborn about talking about being pregnant via social media, etc. I just haven’t wanted to do it. I have legitimate reasons…but part of me still thinks I’m being ridiculous. I can’t really decide. There are too many hormones and mood swings up in here.
I found this survey-thing on a friends’ blog, and I liked it, and I remembered how much I looooved doing stupid Myspace surveys back in the day, and well…I JUST REALLY WANTED TO DO IT. So I thought I’d give it a try.
I finally had Chris take a couple pictures for me, and I even put real clothes on and fixed my hair! You're welcome.

I finally had the hubs take a couple pictures for me, and I even put real clothes on and fixed my hair! We didn’t venture any further than right outside of our house though. Isn’t our neighborhood beautiful?! </sarcasm>

How far along? 35 weeks, 6 days (the picture above was from Saturday, so…two days ago. haha)

Total weight gain: 38lbs as of my appointment last Monday! My weight gain has been super weird. Lost 5-10lbs the first trimester, stayed the same for a while, suddenly gained 12lbs in one month, normal gain the next month, and another 12lbs this past month. I see a different midwife each time I go to the hospital for a checkup, and each of them have different philosophies about if this is “healthy” or not. I like the one who told me not to worry about it because every woman is different. I didn’t like the one who lectured me about “how hard pregnancy weight is to lose” and “growing a big baby”.

Maternity clothes? Ugh. I finished that dress that I posted about! I’ll put pictures up of that soon! And I bought a pair of yoga pants at Target a few weeks ago (non-maternity, but they stretch!) and I basically wear those every day of my life. A friend gave me two pairs of Gap maternity jeans (thank you, thank you!) but…even those are cutting across my belly in uncomfortable ways these days.
Stretch Marks? Kind of! I have a faint line down the middle, and a couple marks on my hips/lower belly. And kind of around my belly button. No tiger striped belly yet 🙂 (Edited to add: I believe the correct answer here is “yes, I just can’t see them unless I look in a mirror because they are all beneath my baby girth.” Haha!)
Sleep? HAHA. [Okay that was a little harsh. I still sleep, just not very much and it’s not very comfy. And also I get up to pee all the time, and getting out of bed is so difficult it’s hilarious.]

Best moment this week? Running errands with my hubs on Saturday! Sounds silly, but…it was really fun. We went to a hardware store and bought a car seat. It’s like we’re real adults or something!

Miss Anything? Being able to comfortably sit/stand/lie down/exist? And also being able to eat normal sized meals 🙂

Movement? YES. She is a long baby, and I’ve got a long torso that she likes to stretch out in. She likes to stretch out sideways, or shove her feet up on top of my ribs (as in, between the skin and bone) as far up as she can go, or kick my stomach. It’s a party up in there!

Food cravings: Anything sweet, sugary, and bad for me. Also, carbs (which the “big baby” midwife chastised me about). Last night I made cinnamon rolls at midnight and it was awesome.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Random smells once in a while, waiting too long to eat, and sometimes the same old “there is no real explanation for this” nausea from the first trimester. I still take Zofran a couple times a week (but I’m grateful it’s not every 4 hours anymore!)

Gender: GIRL!
Labor Signs: Not really. Pretty sure I have Braxton-Hicks a couple times a day, but that’s about it.
Belly Button in or out? Out, mostly. I have a pretty intense innie…so it’s not completely popped and I’m not sure it will, haha.
Exercise? I FINALLY started going on walks last week with a friend! For like, an hour a day! It’s amazing. And occasionally I’ll remember to do some prenatal yoga or pilates. But if I’m going to be honest, I’ve been terrible at exercise. Which is probably why I’ve gained so much weight. I have a lot of excuses if you’d ever like to hear them – but I know I could have done much better 😛
Wedding ring on or off? On! It’s been pretty loose my entire pregnancy, and just barely started to get slightly tighter the last couple days.

Happy or Moody most of the time: SO. MOODY. My husband is a wonderful person for putting up with it. I’m having a really hard time being happy and positive – which is weird because I’m typically a bundle of optimism and joy. I am really hating the extra hormones and mood swings. But I am still really, really grateful that I get to be a Mom. It’s just hard to remember how much of a blessing and a miracle this whole thing is when it’s also very uncomfortable and difficult and tainted by hormonal episodes that make no sense.

Looking forward to: The heartburn going away!!! I’ve heard it’s like magic and disappears the moment you give birth. Seeing as I already had heartburn somewhat frequently before pregnancy, I’m not sure how applicable that is to me, but…it has to get at least somewhat better, right?! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Pregnant lady talk

  1. oh my! Love the survey, I was just thinking about you on sunday, I am planning on giving you a phone to get all updated on whats rolling in your life! P.s. yoga pants are a great invention. – sincerely and yoga pant obssesor!

  2. Yay that was so fun! You are due soo soon!! I am so excited for you!! I had heart burn too..and it was the WORST!! Bluh. And I love your prego pic 🙂 so pretty

    • Aw thanks Lish! And YEAH it is sooo soon! Boo for heart burn though 😦 that’s probably one of the worst parts, in my opinion. But it’s still worth it!!

  3. You look gorgeous Rachel! =) I’ve had three kids and I still don’t have a very “awesome” maternity wardrobe. I wore big ol’ shorts and yoga pants almost my entire first pregnancy. Your little girl is going to be darling, I can just tell. Love you girl!

  4. Oh and that big baby thing? It really doesn’t matter how much weight you gain. I’ve seen ladies who barely gained any weight and had HUGE babies and some glas who gained a ton of weight and had teeny-tiny dinky babies. Yes, baby weight is hard to lose but it’s totally worth it. Besides, cinnamon rolls are awesome at midnight. Best time to have them I think. =)

    • THANK YOU, HANNAH! That is what I’ve been thinking, too! I would totally understand if I had gestational diabetes, because that actually does affect your baby, but…I don’t. And I’m still just BARELY ‘overweight’ even with gaining as much as I have. And I also don’t really care if I’m overweight either. I mean, yes, I want to be healthy and I’ll exercise after the baby is here – but if I don’t get back to my “pre-pregnancy” size it doesn’t bug me! I’m a Mom and that is awesome! So I’ll continue to ignore the weight-obsessed midwives 😉
      Love you!! You are the best!

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