Ever since I opened my first Xanga account in 2004, I have been hooked on social networking. I love it. It definitely has its’ benefits….but there are also many downsides. We’ve all heard about them, no need to re-hash that here.

Recently, I have found myself attached to my Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest accounts a little more than I am comfortable to admit. Instead of enjoying precious time with my daughter, I catch myself pulling out my iPhone so I can get a sweet shot to ‘gram. I immediately begin composing tweets in my head to describe my days’ events, rather than enjoying the moments I have. I’m constantly obsessing over what people think of my online presence and how I present myself across all of my networking platforms. And you know what? It’s exhausting enough to worry about my face-to-face interactions these days.

What also scares me, is that I’ve noticed I use social networking as a kind of ‘release’. Checking Instagram is my drug. Anytime I need to chillax, I load up my feed and throw out some likes and comments. When I wake up in the morning and feel anxiety flood the room while remembering the tasks that lie before me [you all know the feeling, when you’re drowning before breakfast], I grab my phone and go through my Insta/FB/Twitter/Pinterest loop a few times until I’m ready to face the day.

It is absolutely ridiculous.

So I have decided to quit cold turkey.

On Monday morning, July 1st], I will be deleting all of my social networking accounts [except for my blogs].

I have tried limiting the time I spend online many times before, and I’m usually successful for a while. But somehow or another, I always end up back in my internet-immersed state. During the times when I limit my online social interactions, I am infinitely happier….and that is where I would like to stay. Hence the decision to cut all social networking platforms [aside from blogging] out of my life.

So, if you’ve been sent here from another one of my social networking platforms, don’t despair! I will not be falling off the face of the Earth – I’ll merely just be accessible in different ways. I have a cellular telephone that I am quite proficient with – it can make and receive voice calls, video calls, text messages, Β AND Emails! I also have a mailbox right outside of my front door, and a very kind and quirky little mailman who fills it up for me every day πŸ˜‰

I am hoping that since I will not be busy procuring the sometimes superficial connections we maintain with one another online, I will have the presence of mind to actually keep in touch with you personally. But I will probably forget your birthday because Facebook is not there to remind me of them…Please forgive me in advance for that.
I hope that if you would like to know how I am doing, you would feel as comfortable calling/texting/emailing me as you would stalking my Facebook Timeline or Twitter or Instagram. If you wouldn’t…well. Think about that for a minute. Anything I might have mentioned online is something I would be more than willing to share in person with any of my online friends.

If you need my contact information, hit me up yo! Leave a comment [using your email address in the handy little WordPress comment form], then I will be able to see your email [but it won’t be published for the public to see], and I can send you my digits and other such useful information. Oh and maybe you should tell me your birthday in that comment too…you know. In case you want congratulatory songs and such πŸ˜‰

I am actually terribly excited for this change in my life. Sometimes I sort of feel like I’m a 63-year-old-lady in an almost-23-year-old’s body….so the idea of restoring my interpersonal relationships to [mostly] offline ones is kind of thrilling and kind of a relief. I don’t know that I can adequately explain it. But it’s a wonderful feeling.

Love, Rach

PS – my birthday is coming up! July 18th! I’m telling you because I know you all wanted to know so badly and were about to stalk me on Facebook before I deleted it so you could fill in your little calendars and remember to wish me a happy day πŸ˜‰ I freaking love birthdays.

PPS – I opted for brutal honesty about my issues here, rather than a vague explanation that mostly covers my bases. It may be kind of uncomfortable, but hey. That’s okay. Good conversations can make you cringe sometimes. I am human and I have my flaws just like everyone else.

thought for the day:

the hubs and I have decided that our family “inspirational quote that you see on your way out the door” is going to be:
return with honor
bless this house
remember who you are
remember who you are, and don’t let it get you down!
go big, or turn around.

*cue music from “A Charlie Brown Christmas”*

yep…that’s definitely going to be our family mantra.

the one I grew up with was “Second Nephi Nine-Thirty-Four!”
(that would be a verse that reads: ‘wo unto the liar, for he shall be thrust down to hell’. it was very effective. my siblings and I are all quite honest).Β 

Did you grow up with a family motto (serious or otherwise)?! I think they’re great. Do tell!

love, Rach

stream of consciousness

I feel terrible about neglecting this blog lately…I haven’t hardly had time to sit down and type anything up since my baby girl was born [on this OR my other blog]!

So, here is a stream of consciousness and some fun facts for you.
[spoiler alert: you’re in for a real treat]

001. When I am in my own home, I rarely close the door to the bathroom when I’m using it. Usually this is only when I’m by myself [or with one of my two family members], but sometimes I forget that it’s not considered a socially acceptable practice when company is over…Luckily, the toilet is strategically placed to not be visible from two out of four rooms in the house, but I apologize in advance if any of you ever come to my house and catch me on the pot. It could definitely happen.

002. The name of this blog is derived from the food my hubs and I chose to have at our wedding reception….Belgian waffles and a variety of breakfast cereals. It was delicious. And awesome. We love breakfast foods so much that our favorite celebratory dining spots are iHOP and Denny’s.

003. My hair is getting ridiculously long. And also, it is falling out [postpartum bodily changes are FUN]! And lately it has spent 75% of the time in a braid, the other 24% is bun time, and there’s about 1% of down time. I reckon I ought to get it legitimately cut/styled soon…

long hair

004. This is still one of my all-time favorite pictures, crappy cell phone quality and all:

Daisy Anne

She is SO BIG now [3.5 months!] and babbles, giggles, and cries louder than any other baby I have yet to hear…but she’s happy a vast majority of the time so that’s okay πŸ™‚ she loves reading stories and being sung to. My favorites are Sandra Boynton books and Puff The Magic Dragon. I’m sure she’ll voice her preferences soon.

mean muggin'. she's a straight-up G.

mean muggin’. she’s a straight-up G.

005. I made a new duvet cover! Pictured beneath ‘zee in the above photo.

006. And I actually DID find the time to write a little something for my new favorite blog, it was published today! Click on over to Hourglassy if you want to hear about some of my happy swimsuit memories [and see probably the most hysterical photo of my sister and I that has ever existed]. I just loved Darlene’s prompt for us to think of positive, happy memories associated with swim wear – rather than obsess over how our bodies are shaped and how self-conscious swimsuits can make us. Absolutely loved it.

007. I made this for Father’s Day, and yes it was as good as it looks. Ice cream pie based on Ben&Jerry’s “Everything But The…” [my Daddio’s favorito]:

father's day pie

008. Here is a picture that I just found while uploading that one. It’s pretty old, but it’s always been one of my favorite photos of myself. For a lot of reasons. One of them being the fabulous garage sale find that I am holding. Foam parrots are such a treasure, don’t you agree??

foam parrots

thanks to my seester for capturing this treasured moment

009. I had a dentist appointment today. And you know what? I think I finally found a good dentist. I had absolutely zero anxiety prior to and during this appointment [which is a first for me] and felt zero pain whatsoever [and he was placing a temporary crown – that business is not fun]. I am beyond thrilled.

010. Movies I have yet to see, but really want to: The Croods, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Man of Steel, Jurassic Park 2 & 3 (yeah somehow I missed them growing up).
Movies that I am super stoked about: Turbo, Monsters University, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2, Despicable Me 2, The Hobbit: whatever-the-next-one-is-called, How To Train Your Dragon 2, The Lego Movie, Happy Smekday!, and Me and My Shadow (whenever it eventually gets released).
Movie that I recently saw that was better than I anticipated: Escape From Planet Earth.
[yes….we love kids’ movies around here. that’s what you get when your hubs works for Dreamworks and is an animation buff, and I absolutely love it. also I guess sequels are just getting better these days??]

So, yeah. There you have it. I told you it was going to be wonderful! I promise I’ll make time to write up some good stuff soon. I have an update about my hippie shampoo recipe, and lots of things to say about the cloth diapers I’ve been using [and LOVING]. Plus maybe some recipes. And maybe some photos of my house and my mediocre-at-best interior design/decorating skillz [if I can ever get it together]. πŸ™‚

love, rach