Reading Glasses

I’ve blabbed a lot about my eyesight on this here blog, and as someone who’s worn glasses since the age of six I thought I had experienced nearly everything there is with regards to corrective lenses. Well, everything age-appropriate, that is. Still no cateracts or bifocals. But I’ve dealt with Metal frames, plastic frames, myriads of reflective coatings, gas perm (hard) contact lenses, soft lenses, night and day lenses….
As I sit here typing to you, I am in fact donning a pair of +1 strength reading glasses.

This is a new experience. 
And, I’ll admit, not an experience I thought I’d be having in my early twenties.

I went to the Optometrist a few weeks ago, as I’d been getting some pretty persistent and nasty eye strain headaches and wondered if I needed an updated prescription. My glasses and contacts both checked out….but the distance at which I was holding things in front of my face did non. You see, I like to hold things less than 12″ from the end of my nose. But you should really hold them like three times further away than that.
It’s no wonder I was feeling the strain.
(especially with contacts, where you can’t simply look over the top of your frames to better see things close-up, and computer screens which are awful to look at no matter how good your vision is)

So I went on a quest.
Because I am picky about my eyewear…and don’t want granny glasses.


A lot of the reading glasses out there are…unattractive…or the few attractive ones you come across are freaking expensive! BUT I did finally find a place with quite a few wallet and style friendly options:!
You know, just in case squinting through this post made you realize that you could probably use some extra magnification too, you old fart ; )

So I think I like them.
As I’ve mentioned before, it’s like a miniature identity crisis when seeing yourself in a new pair of specs, but I think I like these.
It’s weird that the lenses magnify my eyes rather than shrinking them (as my prescription lenses do), and that they reflect light like crazy, and that they get SUPER dirty from doing almost nothing at all…But I think those are just things that come with the territory.


I do have to laugh at myself as I sit on the couch at night – wearing a nightgown, slippers, and these reading glasses – and pick up my knitting. Or a novel.
Moments like that tempt me to get a gold chain to attach to my reading glasses and knit a bunch of old lady sweaters.
But really, it’s pretty fitting, seeing as I sometimes feel as if I’m 65 years old on the inside (NOT THAT ONLY 65 YEAR OLDS NEED READING GLASSES. I’ve just decided that age really resonates with my soul and stuff.)

So, yeah.
I just wanted to leave you with a nice mental image to picture as you read the silly things I write 🙂


Because I feel like knowing what I look like and what kind of faces I am probably making really adds another dimension to blog reading. Kind of like you’re reading in 3D. AND I’M ALL ABOUT OFFERING A HIGH QUALITY HD EXPERIENCE HERE ON THE INTERNET.

Love, Rach

Again – not a sponsored post – This is not a sponsored blog and I have no plans to make it one. I just came across that website and wanted to share it with you!

5 thoughts on “Reading Glasses

  1. I like the purple. Cute.
    I’ve had 20/20 vision all my life but recently I’ve noticed that it takes a second for my eyes to focus on things up close or I have to push it away a little to see. I figure I might need readers someday. Oh well.

    • Thanks!
      And hooray for your awesome eyesight 🙂 hopefully you can find some fun readers when you eventually need them, so it can be fun to pull them out (instead of just annoying)!

    • PUH-LEASE!!! Dude. If we had a commune, we could have the most awesomely wonderful woven goods enterprise…while my hubs goes out and works the farm (he’s always wanted to be a farmer!) and your hubs makes us food. And our children will provide all of the entertainment. We could be totally self sufficient and awesome 🙂

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