Today has looked like this:


Those three small scratches on side my nose (by my eye…) are from my daughter. One is actually from a few days ago, when she clocked me in the nose with a mug. Today she took the scab off and added a couple more because I was only able to clip her nails on one hand today, and she tried to pull my nose off with the un-clipped hand.
She also used the hand with clipped nails to reach inside my mouth and tear that little flap of skin connecting your upper lip between my two front teeth. So I guess the nails don’t make a huge difference…

She is a busy one, that kid. Busy busy busy. I do love her.

Also I never took off my makeup last night, haven’t showered, we’ve watched movies all day….but I DID fold and put away an entire basket of laundry, so there’s that.

Sometimes you just have lazy days after long busy weekends, you know?

Here’s hoping the rest of the week turns out nicely : )

Love — Rach


3 thoughts on “Today has looked like this:

  1. I’ve had scratches like that when babysitting! They hurt SO BAD. And you feel like a baby for complaining because they don’t look that painful. But don’t worry. I feel your pain. ❤

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