The Water Bottle


Today as we were engaged in the exercise in futility known as “attempting to depart for a location in a timely manner with children in tow”, Daisy brought me my water bottle. 

She had just grabbed her own to take on the journey, and then decided I needed mine as well. I took it and thanked her, but as I was running up and down two flights of stairs searching for my shoes, I opted to leave it there – as pictured – on the bathroom counter. Because it really improved my speed and aerodynamics not to carry it, I guess?? And also I didn’t actually need it. 

Daisy noticed almost immediately and began running after me with a chorus of, “Mommy! Your water! Where your water?! You need it! I find it!!! Ok. Just a minute.” And then began to search for the water bottle as frantically as I was for those blasted shoes (which never turned up, by the way).

I coaxed her out of finding it, because we really needed to get going. And though I was grateful she thought to bring it to me in the first place, I’ve seen how long it takes that kid to climb stairs…and we wanted to be out the door five minutes ago. Thank goodness she (sometimes) listens to reason and abandoned her course. 

This is nearly a meaningless story. It didn’t take much time out of my day, it happened in the background, and I don’t think anyone else noticed it. But it was poignant to me. First of all, since when do I have a kid old enough to communicate so clearly?! Her sentences and spoken thoughts get more complex by the hour, it seems. Sometimes it makes me want to cry of pride/happiness/terror. Secondly, how did I get lucky enough to have such a practical and thoughtful toddler? Her thoughtfulness is sometimes a hindrance (See: the aforementioned interruption. Or last night when she woke at 3am crying/freaking out/asking for water…which she then fed to her monkey stuffed animal. IT WAS THREE IN THE MORNING, PEOPLE.) but when I take the time to chill out and let her do her thing…it’s pretty amazing. She is one fascinating little soul, who sees needs to be met where most people don’t. 

Kids are just incredible. And mine are both better human beings than I am already. 

One thought on “The Water Bottle

  1. LOLOL sometimes monkeys are thirsty. I get it. But seriously, how did you get such practical and thoughtful toddler? She is the opposite of that e-card: “I’m sorry your sick, Mommy. Just kidding, I don’t care!”

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