What do you call Connecticut natives anyway??

That’s been our #1 question ever since we moved here. The hubs is really pulling for Connecticutters 😉

Wait what’s that? You didn’t know we had moved?? And it’s all confusing because didn’t we JUST move to Colorado????

Don’t worry, I’m just terrible at updating my blog lately. And talking to people personally. So….our life updates are more like gigantic surprises. Isn’t it fun?!

So yes. We moved to Connecticut in July, and fulfilled our lifelong dream of living in all 3 ‘C’ states, in alphabetical order, in the same calendar year. California –> Colorado –> Connecticut. BAM. We should win a prize or something.

The hubs is now working for Blue Sky animation studios, and it’s wonderful! They’re the place responsible for bringing you Ice Age, Robots, Horton Hears a Who, Rio, and Epic. They’re just finishing production on the new Peanuts movie now, and le husband is working on Ice Age 5 (it’s basically the next Land Before Time franchise). They are infinitely more stable than other animation studios, and this is a full-time (not contract based) job. *sigh of relief* We even found a fantastic home to rent with wonderful neighbors! What more could we ask for?

I had never been to the East Coast before we moved here. Did you know it’s GORGEOUS?!


We have a garden to cultivate! And it’s huge! So excited for next spring. 

And those are just shots from our current property. This place is amazing. And we are happy. Hopefully we’re settled for a while, I’ve certainly had my fill of moving this year!


4 thoughts on “What do you call Connecticut natives anyway??

  1. And now the nifty fifty song is in my head. thanks.
    😉 Congratz on the new job, and cute rental, and all that good stuff.

  2. Welcome to the East Coast!! We were so amazed at how gorgeous Virginia is when we moved here. No concrete jungle where we live. Your yard is beautiful!! I’m so happy for your hubby and my kids live the Ice Age movies. So glad the job has a sense of permanence for you!! I understand that contact thing. Holding your breath when the cutbacks come…It isn’t fun!

  3. Your life IS full of a ton of updates right now (congratulations on ALL OF THEM, btw), and I will absolutely take those updates in surprise form just as long as I get to keep hearing them.

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