The Diet of Motherhood

this part is humorous. I get a little serious later but I totally intended for my daily menu to be chuckled at 😉

Breakfast: 1 huge bowl of cereal, eaten well after you’ve made scrambled eggs for the kids (which are now strewn all over the table and floor). Must tell toddler “no” approximately 5x when she asks for a bite because you’re feeling hungry and not very charitable. You remind her that she can go eat the “eggs and bread” she specifically ordered you to prepare. She reminds you that you never actually gave her the “bread” portion of her desired menu (oops). Throw a piece of bread in the toaster and the eggs in the microwave, because now she has complained that they are cold, and she settles down to….play with her food some more. Return to your cereal to find it disgustingly soggy. Eat (drink) it anyway.

Snack: 1 cup of yogurt. Toddler noticed you halfway through eating and demanded equal shares henceforth.

Lunch: Stolen bits and pieces of baby lunch. Seriously coveted toddler’s lunch (frozen microwaved potstickers) but whaddya know, she ate all of her food for once.

After lunch: Microwave leftovers from the night before. Kids are screaming. Hastily grab the much-too-hot bowl and a fork, sit in view of the kids. Attempt to entertain with silly songs and happy faces while stuffing your face. Hope they don’t notice you’re eating. They do. Stand up so they can’t reach the still-too-hot bowl and end up with a kid stuck to your leg.

After-After Lunch: Stomach reminds you that you haven’t eaten enough. Make yourself a PB&J and pour a glass of milk. The TV is on and successfully babysitting the toddler, so this meal goes much more peacefully. Crisis occurs right as you’re finishing up. Leave your dishes on the floor and forget about them until after bedtime.

Snack: Grab a string cheese during a moment of calm. Realize you should grab one for Toddler too. This trickery allows you to actually eat the entire thing by yourself.

Dinner: Huge bowl of cereal, part II. Consumed well after children are put to bed (you fed them leftovers and part of the dinner you had started cooking before you gave up on that idea). Throw some box-made brownies in the oven. Eat a good deal of the batter and 2 huge brownies plus a glass of milk. Will probably eat more brownies and some Halloween candy before you retire for the evening.

Additional Note: Super thirsty all day because water bottle was stranded behind enemy lines (in the room where the baby naps). Naturally, the only time you gave this any thought was during nap time.


I feel like what I ate today gives a semi-accurate picture of how my life has been going for the past 6 weeks or so. Granted, today was not a “normal” day as I was babysitting a friend’s 10 month old (who takes long, wonderful, amazing naps)….but my meals still happen this way quite often. Because my kids have never been prone to long naps. I don’t have much down time.

It’s been a rough couple months (kind of excruciating if I’m being brutally honest). Teething baby, gassy baby, waking 5x/night baby, plus sassy toddler. I still don’t feel like I’ve got this whole caring-for-two-kids-every-single-day thing down. Add that to the fact that we just moved to a new area and are extremely far away from family…AKA, I don’t have a totally solid support system yet (though my new friends have totally saved me lately and I am super grateful for them!). It’s just difficult. I am normally a very secure and stable person, but moving to new places and making an entirely new set of friends throws me for a loop and makes me totally insecure. I find myself continually second-guessing my interactions with others, reading in to things people say, worrying that people think I’m nuts because literally the only times I’ve spoken with them are when I have been intensely sleep-deprived and “not myself”, not wanting to complain or open up about my struggles and risk sounding totally pessimistic and whiny….but I digress.

Life wasn’t meant to be easy, right? And at least I know I’m not alone. Being a Mom is hard, period. Doesn’t matter what life situation you’re in, how many kids you have, or even how much money you make. It’s hard for everyone. And I feel like there is such a deep connection we women can develop through shouldering this burden together ❤