Peace out, 2015.

I’ve kind of been waiting for this year to be over ever since last January left us with me: 8 months pregnant, husband: no job, and child #1: almost-two-year-old who hated sleep.

Things have worked out, and they did so wonderfully, in a big-picture sort of way! And even in short-terms ways we had miracles, such as CHILD #1 IS NAPPING AGAIN, ALMOST EVERY DAY (!!!!!)

But my typical happy, optimistic outlook has been challenged in a multitude of ways during the past year. I’m sorry to say it, but I did not win this optimism battle very frequently. Maybe 25% of the time. And that 25% happened after much coercing and pep-talking from my dear spouse (he has a difficult job sometimes, I don’t envy him. But I sure am grateful for that guy).

But you know what? I survived! We all survived! And gosh darnit, we did our best, and next time around our best will be even better. There were a lot of wonderful, joyous things that happened too,  amidst all of the ones that were simply “memorable” (to put it nicely).

Here’s to a new year, hopefully with no more Unexpected Job Losses, Road Trips From Hell, Moving All The Way Across The Dang Country, and Really Really Struggling To Manage Two Very Active Toddlers All Day Every Day In An Unfamiliar Place. (ideally I’d like to maintain my current level of “slightly struggling”. That would be good.)

I am also crossing my fingers for at least one full night of rest. Just one night out of three-hundred sixty-five….that’s a reasonable dream, right??? Eh, maybe I’m five years ahead of myself. 😉

love, Rach


4 thoughts on “Peace out, 2015.

  1. I’m sorry that 2015 was not stellar. I hope this next one is better. And keep your head up, active toddlers can be so exhausting. Enjoy whatever quiet moments you can find and most importantly, find ways to go on dates with your hubby. Just my humble advice. 🙂 ooxx

    • Thanks, Keli ❤ we do a lot of dates-on-the-couch-watching-movies, but hopefully I'll get my act together and call some real babysitters this year! Having a calling in YW should help with that, haha 🙂 Thank you for the advice and the love.

  2. You are the best, sweetest, most amazing person ever! Your kids are so lucky to have you as their mom!! Ugh, why can’t we live next to each other again?! 😦 Next time we move I’ll try to convince Mark it HAS to be wherever you are! Being a mom is so hard on so many levels–I can’t imagine having all that normal hard with ALL the other hard things you had going on last year! You are superwoman in my book! Love you!

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