this is me.



I love ice cream.

I respond well to most nicknames, so consider this an open invitation to call me whatever you want.

I was raised in the midwest, bounced all over the western US for 10 years, and am now an east coast transplant trying to put down some roots.

I’m a Mormon! And I love the Lord with all of my heart.

I’m also optimistic, find humor in most things, and am slightly ridiculous at times [okay more like all the time].

I am currently: Mothering our two little ones and trying not to go crazy while I’m at it ; )

My dear husband prefers to remain un-google-able, and I am often tempted to refer to him as “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” or ” You-Know-Who”. He works in the animation industry! His area of expertise is special effects in feature animation.

I love blogs. I love people. I probably love you, too. Let’s be friends : )

and the whole waffles and cereal thing?? well, I love breakfast. hubs has a burning love for waffles. so we had a belgian waffle + breakfast cereal bar at our wedding reception, and it was glorious. plus, waffles&cereal just sounds cool. so there’s that.

5 thoughts on “this is me.

    • Haha yeah! I ran into Chase before we were all married and I was like “HEY! We’re getting married! At the same time and the same place! But to different people!!” it was pretty hilarious. and I agree, being married is the bomb diggity 🙂

  1. Hi Rachel, I just saw your comment on hourglassy. I just wanted to make sure you saw my comment because we have more than just living in the bay area in common and I’ve got a recommendation for you – I’ll refrain from elaborating since you might not want that public. 🙂 I’ve got a two year old and a 3 month old too so if you are in the east bay we should meet!

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  3. Rachel! Saw your name on FB and got so excited! I have become terrible at communicating with anyone! Your FB lunch took me to your post when you said you were stopping FB. That took me to your blog. Sounds like you had a trying 2015! Reading your blog made me miss you. You were a special young woman! I know we weren’t close but you just made me feel happy! Would love to hear about your children! And you mentioned you moved far away!!! I’m guessing you had the baby very recently! Hope to hear from you! Laurel

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