the list.

subject to change on a whim and whenever i feel like it.

actually use my passport

run a Spartan race (goal: NYC in April 2016)

grow my hair out to my waist DONE as of 06/2012!

new goal: hip length hair pretty sure it got there too, by March 2014 or so. Too long to be manageable for me! I think waist is my limit.

dance/play in the rain at least 100 more times in my life (07/12 – it’s been a while, but I think I’ll still make this one 01/14 NorCal has had a crazy lack of rain lately, darnit!)

swing on a swingset at least once a year, every year, for the rest of my life (still going strong)

go skinny dipping

visit Chihuahua, Mexico (my great-grandmother’s birthplace)

swim in the Atlantic

visit Hawaii with my hubs

see a Broadway show

contribute to the gum wall in Pike Place market

visit major US cities and explore them using only public transportation – have done with Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and Seattle

go to General Conference in SLC  October 2014 Conference, Saturday morning session!

go to a college football game, just to watch the marching band11/17/12, BYU v San Jose State. On the wrong side of the field to see the band, and they weren’t really that great. So I’ll consider this halfway complete ; ) 12/27/13 BYU vs UW in the Fight Hunger Bowl! My dear friend was in the band!

ride a long distance train

take a road trip and stop at every single place that sounds interesting along the way

learn the basics of auto mechanics

ride a tandem bike

win a pie-baking contest (this goal used to be “perfect the art of pie baking” but I decided I needed something more tangible…)

start an etsy shop/participate in a craft fair

become proficient at spanish

obtain an ukulele and play it. a lot.

play the piano better again

learn Pacific folkdance {Samoan and Hawaiian – check}

learn cool swingdance moves with the hubs

make sure each kid has a stuffed animal of some sort to love/abuse from the time they’re born (because I definitely slept with my teddy until I was in my 20s…) – children 1&2, check

experiment with new recipes/cooking new things, at least 1-2x per year (latest experiment: homemade mozzarella)

read the Bible cover-to-cover

read every Agatha Christie novel –  working on it, but I have a LONG way to go. 

read the works of C.S. Lewis

pass on the love of classic rock to future generations – in progress.

become a pro garage-saler and thrifter – continually improving ; )

updated 09/10/15

8 thoughts on “the list.

  1. Haha! Shave your head! I am contemplating this very thing since I’m cutting my dreads off in August. My hubs says no, but I am oh so tempted. I think I may steal this idea for my bloggity blog as well!

    • Haha yeah, Chris has vetoed that bucket list item for me too…but I still want to! Good luck getting rid of the dreads! How long have you had them??

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