I really do have things that I want to blog about, but whenever I sit down to type, I become overwhelmed by the mountain of events/thoughts/ideas that I haven’t shared…..so I don’t end up writing anything at all. Great strategy, right?? 🙂

I also haven’t been sure what I want to do with this blog, or how I want to tell my stories. Things have been challenging for me in the mother ‘hood lately, and I don’t know exactly how I want to write about it in this space.

I know I want to remember these times and document the things I’ve been learning. I especially want to pump a fist of solidarity to the other parents in the trenches alongside me. But I’m not quite sure what I want to say or how to make it meaningful or how to make it so it’s not such a downer to read about – because life really is wonderful even when it IS challenging! I am extremely happy and my days are full of joy. I can feel myself becoming a better person and I love it (even if it isn’t a comfortable process).

But the difficult times –> re-organizing priorities –> blogging falling to the rock bottom of my To Do list.

So for now, I will leave you with this quote I love:


taken from THIS awesome talk

So much truth right there. I feel like I’ve been in “survival mode” for so long now — I used to hate it, but now I see it as an opportunity to really dig in and analyze what is most important in life. I like to think of it as a minimalist lifestyle challenge 😉 I may not have a minimalist/un cluttered home yet, but I have learned that my kids can live with one bath a week and that it’s not necessary to actually fold their clothes. SCORE.

love, rach


Peace out, 2015.

I’ve kind of been waiting for this year to be over ever since last January left us with me: 8 months pregnant, husband: no job, and child #1: almost-two-year-old who hated sleep.

Things have worked out, and they did so wonderfully, in a big-picture sort of way! And even in short-terms ways we had miracles, such as CHILD #1 IS NAPPING AGAIN, ALMOST EVERY DAY (!!!!!)

But my typical happy, optimistic outlook has been challenged in a multitude of ways during the past year. I’m sorry to say it, but I did not win this optimism battle very frequently. Maybe 25% of the time. And that 25% happened after much coercing and pep-talking from my dear spouse (he has a difficult job sometimes, I don’t envy him. But I sure am grateful for that guy).

But you know what? I survived! We all survived! And gosh darnit, we did our best, and next time around our best will be even better. There were a lot of wonderful, joyous things that happened too,  amidst all of the ones that were simply “memorable” (to put it nicely).

Here’s to a new year, hopefully with no more Unexpected Job Losses, Road Trips From Hell, Moving All The Way Across The Dang Country, and Really Really Struggling To Manage Two Very Active Toddlers All Day Every Day In An Unfamiliar Place. (ideally I’d like to maintain my current level of “slightly struggling”. That would be good.)

I am also crossing my fingers for at least one full night of rest. Just one night out of three-hundred sixty-five….that’s a reasonable dream, right??? Eh, maybe I’m five years ahead of myself. 😉

love, Rach


The Diet of Motherhood

this part is humorous. I get a little serious later but I totally intended for my daily menu to be chuckled at 😉

Breakfast: 1 huge bowl of cereal, eaten well after you’ve made scrambled eggs for the kids (which are now strewn all over the table and floor). Must tell toddler “no” approximately 5x when she asks for a bite because you’re feeling hungry and not very charitable. You remind her that she can go eat the “eggs and bread” she specifically ordered you to prepare. She reminds you that you never actually gave her the “bread” portion of her desired menu (oops). Throw a piece of bread in the toaster and the eggs in the microwave, because now she has complained that they are cold, and she settles down to….play with her food some more. Return to your cereal to find it disgustingly soggy. Eat (drink) it anyway.

Snack: 1 cup of yogurt. Toddler noticed you halfway through eating and demanded equal shares henceforth.

Lunch: Stolen bits and pieces of baby lunch. Seriously coveted toddler’s lunch (frozen microwaved potstickers) but whaddya know, she ate all of her food for once.

After lunch: Microwave leftovers from the night before. Kids are screaming. Hastily grab the much-too-hot bowl and a fork, sit in view of the kids. Attempt to entertain with silly songs and happy faces while stuffing your face. Hope they don’t notice you’re eating. They do. Stand up so they can’t reach the still-too-hot bowl and end up with a kid stuck to your leg.

After-After Lunch: Stomach reminds you that you haven’t eaten enough. Make yourself a PB&J and pour a glass of milk. The TV is on and successfully babysitting the toddler, so this meal goes much more peacefully. Crisis occurs right as you’re finishing up. Leave your dishes on the floor and forget about them until after bedtime.

Snack: Grab a string cheese during a moment of calm. Realize you should grab one for Toddler too. This trickery allows you to actually eat the entire thing by yourself.

Dinner: Huge bowl of cereal, part II. Consumed well after children are put to bed (you fed them leftovers and part of the dinner you had started cooking before you gave up on that idea). Throw some box-made brownies in the oven. Eat a good deal of the batter and 2 huge brownies plus a glass of milk. Will probably eat more brownies and some Halloween candy before you retire for the evening.

Additional Note: Super thirsty all day because water bottle was stranded behind enemy lines (in the room where the baby naps). Naturally, the only time you gave this any thought was during nap time.


I feel like what I ate today gives a semi-accurate picture of how my life has been going for the past 6 weeks or so. Granted, today was not a “normal” day as I was babysitting a friend’s 10 month old (who takes long, wonderful, amazing naps)….but my meals still happen this way quite often. Because my kids have never been prone to long naps. I don’t have much down time.

It’s been a rough couple months (kind of excruciating if I’m being brutally honest). Teething baby, gassy baby, waking 5x/night baby, plus sassy toddler. I still don’t feel like I’ve got this whole caring-for-two-kids-every-single-day thing down. Add that to the fact that we just moved to a new area and are extremely far away from family…AKA, I don’t have a totally solid support system yet (though my new friends have totally saved me lately and I am super grateful for them!). It’s just difficult. I am normally a very secure and stable person, but moving to new places and making an entirely new set of friends throws me for a loop and makes me totally insecure. I find myself continually second-guessing my interactions with others, reading in to things people say, worrying that people think I’m nuts because literally the only times I’ve spoken with them are when I have been intensely sleep-deprived and “not myself”, not wanting to complain or open up about my struggles and risk sounding totally pessimistic and whiny….but I digress.

Life wasn’t meant to be easy, right? And at least I know I’m not alone. Being a Mom is hard, period. Doesn’t matter what life situation you’re in, how many kids you have, or even how much money you make. It’s hard for everyone. And I feel like there is such a deep connection we women can develop through shouldering this burden together ❤

TQFTMDMCCIC: Local CT Creamery Edition

Never fear, dear readers, The Quest For The Most Delicious Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream is moving full-steam ahead! Obviously since I have left San Francisco and my beloved Mitchell’s Thin Mint (review here), I had to scope out another winner on the Eastern seaboard. And I’ve found one that’s quite good!



The only photo I managed to take of the sign and farm, it’s actually quite picturesque. So, you know, click on through to their website for a better idea of what it looks like there 😉

THE SCOOP: House flavor “MJ Rell”. It is described on their website as, “Our mint ice cream with green sprinkles and dark chocolate chunks, our version of mint chocolate chip” — you had me at mint and dark chocolate chunks.


PROS: AMAZING mint ice cream. I appreciate that it isn’t dyed green, and that the mint flavor isn’t artificial! Plus, this stuff is made from some GOOD cream. I mean, it is the creamiest ice cream I have ever put in my mouth. If you can smell the cows that produced the milk that became the ice cream you’re holding in your hands….that’s a pretty good sign. And the dark chocolate was GOOD. I know I’ve said before that I don’t like to “chew” my ice cream and that I prefer chocolate shavings to chunks. That still stands….but I think the MJ Rell is an exception to my rule. It’s like they threw a roughly chopped chocolate bar in there and it’s amazing! Photographic evidence:


CONS: While the sprinkles were fun, they did occasionally detract from the amazing minty chocolate combo. As fun as sprinkles are, they don’t really taste like anything. Also the day we went, it was like 88 degrees outside and crazy humid. So the ice cream melted quickly (also evidenced in the photograph above). And due to the heat, we couldn’t see the cows like I’m told you can some days (I’m assuming they were inside or in a shady place). But that wasn’t the ice cream’s fault. The only fault in the ice cream was sometimes the sprinkles, and I’m totally coming back for a full cow experience. Cows + ice cream = toddler entertainment gold mine, I’m telling you.

FELLOW TASTE TESTERS (and additional comments): Our new CT friends/neighbors came with us! We had a park playdate in the morning and this place was 5mins away, so we started our lunch with dessert 😉 H slept through the whole creamery thing, crazy kid. D got herself some black raspberry, but she ended up stealing a lot of mine because she wanted the chocolate. Haha. It was quite delicious as well! I also brought home a quart of their toasted almond flavor for the hubs. He isn’t a fan of coconut, so he didn’t care for it, and I’ve been slowly finishing it off….seriously, creamiest ice cream in all the land! Good, good stuff.

IMG_5652 IMG_5642

Basically, if you find yourself in Western Connecticut, you should definitely stop by. Or you should just come visit me and we’ll have an ice cream adventure! I like that idea best.

What do you call Connecticut natives anyway??

That’s been our #1 question ever since we moved here. The hubs is really pulling for Connecticutters 😉

Wait what’s that? You didn’t know we had moved?? And it’s all confusing because didn’t we JUST move to Colorado????

Don’t worry, I’m just terrible at updating my blog lately. And talking to people personally. So….our life updates are more like gigantic surprises. Isn’t it fun?!

So yes. We moved to Connecticut in July, and fulfilled our lifelong dream of living in all 3 ‘C’ states, in alphabetical order, in the same calendar year. California –> Colorado –> Connecticut. BAM. We should win a prize or something.

The hubs is now working for Blue Sky animation studios, and it’s wonderful! They’re the place responsible for bringing you Ice Age, Robots, Horton Hears a Who, Rio, and Epic. They’re just finishing production on the new Peanuts movie now, and le husband is working on Ice Age 5 (it’s basically the next Land Before Time franchise). They are infinitely more stable than other animation studios, and this is a full-time (not contract based) job. *sigh of relief* We even found a fantastic home to rent with wonderful neighbors! What more could we ask for?

I had never been to the East Coast before we moved here. Did you know it’s GORGEOUS?!


We have a garden to cultivate! And it’s huge! So excited for next spring. 

And those are just shots from our current property. This place is amazing. And we are happy. Hopefully we’re settled for a while, I’ve certainly had my fill of moving this year!


The Water Bottle


Today as we were engaged in the exercise in futility known as “attempting to depart for a location in a timely manner with children in tow”, Daisy brought me my water bottle. 

She had just grabbed her own to take on the journey, and then decided I needed mine as well. I took it and thanked her, but as I was running up and down two flights of stairs searching for my shoes, I opted to leave it there – as pictured – on the bathroom counter. Because it really improved my speed and aerodynamics not to carry it, I guess?? And also I didn’t actually need it. 

Daisy noticed almost immediately and began running after me with a chorus of, “Mommy! Your water! Where your water?! You need it! I find it!!! Ok. Just a minute.” And then began to search for the water bottle as frantically as I was for those blasted shoes (which never turned up, by the way).

I coaxed her out of finding it, because we really needed to get going. And though I was grateful she thought to bring it to me in the first place, I’ve seen how long it takes that kid to climb stairs…and we wanted to be out the door five minutes ago. Thank goodness she (sometimes) listens to reason and abandoned her course. 

This is nearly a meaningless story. It didn’t take much time out of my day, it happened in the background, and I don’t think anyone else noticed it. But it was poignant to me. First of all, since when do I have a kid old enough to communicate so clearly?! Her sentences and spoken thoughts get more complex by the hour, it seems. Sometimes it makes me want to cry of pride/happiness/terror. Secondly, how did I get lucky enough to have such a practical and thoughtful toddler? Her thoughtfulness is sometimes a hindrance (See: the aforementioned interruption. Or last night when she woke at 3am crying/freaking out/asking for water…which she then fed to her monkey stuffed animal. IT WAS THREE IN THE MORNING, PEOPLE.) but when I take the time to chill out and let her do her thing…it’s pretty amazing. She is one fascinating little soul, who sees needs to be met where most people don’t. 

Kids are just incredible. And mine are both better human beings than I am already. 

Baby Daze

oh hey! I’ve been MIA over here, again. My bad. But I thought y’all might like to see who’s been taking up all of my time these days…

photo by my talented Sister!

photo by my talented sister!

We call him Hunter. 

Born 2/24. 

Weighed in at NINE whole pounds. 

Twenty-one inches long. 

(I don’t know where I find the room to grow babies of such a decent size either, Daisy was 8lb 11oz, 21″!)

He is a precious, chill little dude….and he looks bewildered/concerned 75% of the time. I can’t wait until he can interact more so we can figure out what he’s all about.

Oh and in case you were wondering….big sister loves him too:



So, yeah. Life has been a little crazy, but a whole lot of wonderful at the same time! I love motherhood. It’s the most difficult and rewarding job I’ve ever taken on. I highly recommend it. 

Love, Rach

Morning Sickness – Between Two Extremes

So, since I am pregnant and don’t feel like sleeping at the moment (thanks to my friends heartburn and SPD), I thought I’d talk a little about my favorite part of pregnancy: morning sickness! </sarcasm> I have found in my two pregnancies thus far that I tend to land myself somewhere between the two morning sickness “extremes”.

On one end of the spectrum, you have mild nausea that may or may not be accompanied by vomiting. It is typically alleviated by eating frequently and all of those “traditional” morning sickness remedies*. It usually disperses soon after the first trimester ends.
On the other is Hyperemesis Gravidarum – nausea that is accompanied by severe vomiting and the inability to keep any food or liquid down whatsoever. Women suffering from HG are at risk of severe dehydration and weight loss and are treated with anti-nausea medication (which may or may not work) and may receive fluids and nutrients through an IV. Hyperemesis Gravidarum may last the entire pregnancy.

Personally, I have never been diagnosed with HG, and from talking with friends who have, I don’t think my nausea is quite severe enough to even qualify as a mild case. But I definitely throw up more than “just once”, I lose a significant amount of weight, and I can’t get any of the typical morning sickness remedies to work for me. The only thing that has helped me keep my nausea at bay is Zofran, my Best Friend and Miracle Drug.

With my first pregnancy, my nausea subsided around 16-18 weeks, but I continued to take Zofran well into my third trimester (I just needed less frequent doses). With this pregnancy, my symptoms subsided around 13-15 weeks and I haven’t needed to take Zofran since week 27.

I know that I am not the only one that’s stuck being extra sick, but still “not that sick”. And now that I am far enough removed from the situation to be somewhat reflective about it, I have compiled a list for you! I like to call it….

12 Pieces of Advice for when Morning Sickness is Beating You Up:

  • Do not feel like anti-nausea meds are wimping out!!!! If they help you to function, you shouldn’t have to suffer. I hate being dependent on medications, so this was hard for me. But Zofran has worked wonders in my case and I didn’t hesitate to ask for a prescription this time around. It can be expensive, but there are off-brands available (the drug name is Ondansetron) and it is a miracle worker for a lot of women.
    1. There are three different ways Zofran is administered: a pill that you swallow, a pill that you dissolve under your tongue, and a liquid that you drink. There are pros and cons to all. I took the traditional pills during my first pregnancy, and suffered from headaches/migraines (a possible side effect). I took the dissolving pills this time around, and they taste AWFUL, but the drug takes effect almost instantaneously. I was almost to the point where I couldn’t handle the flavor and was going to try the liquid form, but never actually made the switch, so I can’t speak for the liquid form personally. But I’ve heard it’s fast acting with a better flavor.
  • Don’t be afraid of throwing up. Accept that it might happen, and don’t let the fear of it cripple you. I definitely made things worse for myself during my first pregnancy, because I would be so terrified of the possibility of puking that I would refuse to try to eat or do anything.
  • Try to eat every 1-2hrs. Even if it’s gross to you, eat it. Also, don’t worry about nutritional content. Your baby will live. Eat what sounds good….or rather, what doesn’t make you gag just thinking about it. Carbs will usually stay down, and protein helps some people as well. Simple foods tend to be best – toast, applesauce, ramen noodles, etc.
  • If a food is leaving a weird after taste that’s making you sick – brush your teeth and don’t forget to brush the roof of your mouth, too! Sounds odd, but flavors always get stuck there for me.
  • POPSICLES. POPSICLES. POPSICLES. I survived thanks to popsicles. Find a flavor you don’t hate, they usually stay down and keep you at least a little hydrated and give you some form of carbohydrate energy! (Since it melts down your throat, it lands a little gentler in your stomach and doesn’t “disturb the environment” too much).
    1. Other fluid tips: sip something between meals rather than with them. Try carbonation. Try adding a splash of juice to your water. Try Pedialyte.
  • Lie on your left side – this aids digestion. And for whatever reason, stuff doesn’t “flow” back up your throat as well when you lay on your left (as opposed to on your right side or your back).
  • Indulge in the antacid of your choice. Mine are #1 Zantac and #2 Tums. This may help decrease the acidity of your stomach and help food settle better. Also, I suffer from heartburn all 9 months of my pregnancies, so it helps with that too.
  • Gummy prenatal vitamins can be easier to stomach! They don’t include Iron, which can be difficult to digest and cause nausea. However it is important to be sure you aren’t anemic before cutting out the Iron. If you are, and an iron supplement is necessary, ask about kinds that are more easily digested! Iron comes in many forms.
  • Don’t be afraid to try taking stool softeners and use glycerin suppositories….it can be really difficult to poo sometimes and all that backup can add to the nausea. But BEWARE of bulk-forming fiber supplements! They require a lot of water to be effective, and if fluids are making you nauseous, chances are you won’t have enough in your system to get them to work properly. So you’ll just end up more constipated than you started. Talk to your doc!
    1. Walking/moving around can also aid digestion! The most I felt like I could do was walk a loop around my (very tiny) house. So that’s what I did. I’d walk a couple loops. And it usually helped.
  • Pressure points to alleviate nausea:
    1. On your wrist, about two finger widths below your palm. Use your thumb and press firmly. My husband would do this one for me when we were out and about, he would take my wrist as we were walking. It may look a little controlling from an outsider’s point of view, but hey! It helps! Sea Bands also achieve this same effect.
    2. Under your nose/above your lip. I think that part of your face is called your Cupid’s Bow? Press firmly with index and middle fingers.
  • If the smell of the grocery store makes you want to hurl….I have found that Target’s grocery department tends to smell less than your typical grocery store. No meat department 😉
  • Switch to maternity pants early on. The less pressure there is on your belly, the better. Wear soft bras or sports bras.

My number one piece of advice, though, is do not feel bad for doing what you have to do to survive. With my first pregnancy, I quit my job and dropped out of school. With my second pregnancy, I had to stop breastfeeding my firstborn before she was ready to give it up, because I was withering away. Other things I used to feel bad about include but are not limited to: frequently running out of rooms to avoid smells, letting my daughter watch WAY too much TV, buying disposable plates/cups/cutlery because I couldn’t stomach the dishes, letting my house get pretty filthy, and asking my kind neighbors to watch my daughter for a couple hours nearly every day.

But you know what I learned??? None of those things are really important, and nobody really cares or blames you for them. So you need to go easy on yourself.

What IS important is that you are giving up your life for a short while in order to give life to another human being. All of the embarrassing, uncomfortable, painful parts of pregnancy mean nothing when you think of the work that you’re really doing in the long run. No, you might not be able to see that in the moment (and if you can you deserve a gold medal!), but it’s the truth. Giving up your life and your body for a measly nine months in order to provide a full lifetime for another? Well, that’s worth doing a hundred times over, in my opinion.

I’m going to end now because I have pregnant brain and can no longer tell if my paragraphs are forming complete thoughts or if I’m merely repeating myself in new and interesting ways over and over again. Goodnight everybody!

love, rach

*Traditional morning sickness remedies include: eating crackers, eating before you get out of bed, eating every two hours, eating only proteins, smelling or sucking on fresh ginger or ginger candies, drinking ginger ale, smelling citrus, sucking on sugar-free candies, exercising, taking Vitamin B6……honestly I can’t remember them all. But there’s a lot out there!

Happy Halloween [and a playlist, too]!

Happy Happy Halloween, blog friends!

I hope you have all had an awesome time dressing up and eating candy. I know I have! I binged on candy all week and now I feel a cold coming on….coincidence? I’d like to think it is, because even if the candy thing is directly related to the cold thing, it ain’t gonna stop me from eating more Halloween candy 😉

Firstly, our costumes this year:

The Hundred Acre Wood gang (well, 3.5 of them)!


Kanga+Roo, Pooh Bear (the nose picker), and Christopher Robin!

And secondly, the thing I am stupidly excited about right now and what I have spent all of naptime compiling:


[and a link, in case the embed code isn’t working for you:  Classic Rock – Halloween ]

All of the best Halloween-esque classics. Spooky, weird, slightly creepy…this is my kind of Halloween soundtrack. It’s probably ridiculous how happy I am about putting this together. But anyway. You should listen to it, because it’s good stuff yo. Word to your mother.

be safe and have fun tonight, trick-or-treaters and party goers!

love — rach