Dopplegangers, round III

this is a conundrum I have discussed many times before.

I blogged about it here and here. [that’s how much of an issue it is, it’s warranted TWO whole blog posts!] and if  you are a good friend of mine, it is likely that you are sick of hearing about it by now, therefore you are excused from reading any further. kbye, besties!

I like to call this phenomenon, the “if there is any woman that has ever had brown hair and brown eyes, I am apparently identical to them” syndrome.

my husband has never previously expressed any symptoms of this queer phenomenon.

however, as we were sitting down to dinner last week, he stared at me for a little longer than usual.

and then he said it.

“you know, I figured it out. you look JUST like Demi Moore! only prettier. you’re like a pretty Demi Moore.”

I think our hair is similar in these photos. And that's about it.


I laughed. I reminded him that I’ve heard that one before. and then I listed off some of the other celeb comparisons I’ve had.


“I can see that! but Anne Hathaway is definitely your sister, not you.”

They both have very nice teeth that look similar. That is all.

*facepalm x 2*

I don’t know why this bothers me [and my sister] so much, having countless dopplegangers.

but it does.

possibly because it feels like you’re stripped of your individuality when you’re compared to others? that your beauty only counts because you look similar to someone the media/general public has deemed as beautiful?? or simply because WE LOOK NOTHING LIKE THESE PEOPLE??!!?!?!?!!?

I don’t know. I don’t spend too much time analyzing these things, because they don’t actually matter. it’s just a pet peeve, and a rather ridiculous one at that.

my husband still thinks I’m hotter than Demi Moore [and all other celebrities], and that’s good enough for me 🙂

Love — Rach

Dopplegangers, take two!

I’ve got another person to add to my doppleganger list:

Sara Bareilles.

Her “Love Song” music video came on at the bowling alley this evening, and my friend turned to me and said “You know, you kind of look like her!”

And all I could do was laugh.

That brings my celebrity doppleganger total to…..twelve! A whole dozen!! I feel so accomplished.

I’d like to give a shout out to my real life “twins” as well, because I love them so very much!

”]”these are all of my bestie-twinner-friends.

Goodness gracious, I just look like everyone don’t I?!

At least the people I’m compared to are really ridiculously good-looking.

Thanks for the good genes Momma and Daddio 😀

my parents :)


I forgot that someone told me I looked like Zooey Deschanel once.


So I guess I’m technically at a baker’s dozen.

EDIT x 2:

I remembered yet ANOTHER one.

Audrey Hepburn.


This is just getting ridiculous. 

all images courtesy of a quick Google image search. I don’t own the rights, and I don’t know who does :/

Doppleganger my life.

So the new facebook fad is to change your profile picture to a photo of a famous person you’ve been told you resemble.

People tell me I look like people all the freaking time.

And I don’t really think I look like most of them.

It all started my freshman year of high school, one of my good friends in band/drama decided that I looked EXACTLY like Idina Menzel and could not get over it.

Idina. Broadway actress. Elphaba in Wicked, Maureen in Rent.

One day our other friend overheard one of the many conversations we had, and she chimed in that she thought I looked like the Scarecrow from Batman Begins when I smiled.

Not sure which version of the Scarecrow they were talking about, hahaha.

After that, the comparisons came PILING in.

Here are some of the ones I can remember:

 Sandra Bullock

Julia Roberts

[as we’re leaving the theatre after watching Nacho Libre]: “HEY! You kind of look like that nun! She was hot.” AWK.

Demi Moore

Anne Hathaway

Salma Hayek?!

“You look like Tina Fey when you wear your glasses. Or Sarah Palin. Whichever is more flattering.” K…thanks…

Lea Michelle [and her character in GLEE is named Rachel. That reinforces the comparison.]

So apparently if someone is brunette or has a prominent nose or a BIG smile, I look like them.


I still don’t get it.