Are any of you familiar with the American television phenomenon Lost? It originally aired from 2004-2010, an award-winning drama series that was famous for its’ intricate story line and being the most expensive program on television at the time [due to the large cast and the cost of filming on location in Oahu].

I heard of it while it was on the air, but never watched a single episode.

The hubs and I started watching it on Netflix a few weeks ago.

Folks, let me tell you, this show is addicting…especially when you have immediate access to the next episode and don’t have to wait an entire week for the cliffhanger ending to be resolved. One day, we watched it for seven hours straight.

During a break between episodes on that seven-hour-marathon day, I went to go empty the dryer. We hadn’t been able to find the lint trap in this particular dryer in this particular apartment since we moved in…something that semi-concerned us but we didn’t worry about too much. But this day, after watching five hours of Lost, I found it. I kind of felt like I was IN the show though, so I started hearing the background music playing in my head and the suspense was building as I announced this secret thing I had suddenly uncovered….

“HEY! I finally found the lint trap in the dryer! “

“Really?! Let me see!”

“Oh my gosh, it’s really full…..”

“….that’s not good. That could start a fire.”

“I know!!!!!!”

The background music playing in my head became even more intense. I snatched that lint trap and cleaned it as fast as humanly possible, fumbling and dropping it as I went to put it back in the dryer. I was so nervous! This was a matter of life and death, people! That dryer was going to EXPLODE!!!

Okay, so not really. But it sure felt like it. My husband laughed when I told him what had just happened.

But that music really is intense. The whole show is actually. Here is a small sample:

Anyway. After that escapade, we decided to cut back to watching one episode every night. Which we did for a while…but it was still too engrossing and we felt like our brains were being numbed by watching that much television daily. We never really felt ‘good’ after watching it.

So, this week, we looked up all of the articles we could possibly find on the interwebs [most from here and here]and read our way through the rest of the series.

It was thoroughly enjoyable [and kind of confusing].

And now I can empty the lint trap without subconsciously creating a fight-or-flight response within myself.

Which reminds me, I need to rotate my laundry! Please excuse me.

Love — Rach

all images courtesy of the world wide web [and a Google image search]