bahahaha, spectacles. that is such a humorous word. I don’t have a habit of referring to my glasses as “spectacles”. but you know, the word “glasses” can also refer to vessels that hold beverages, and “spectacles” sounds oh-s0-much cooler than “eye glasses”…so maybe I will make it a habit to use that term. hmm. 🙂

ANYWAY. that is not what I originally intended to write about!


I got new specs today!

I like them, I think.

it’s so weird, every time I get a spiffy new set of frames, I have a miniature identity crisis [like, we’re talking so minuscule it would be a mid-life crisis for an atomic particle]. every time I walk past a mirror I have this “WHOA. WHO IS THAT.” kind of reaction. and even if I know the spectacles are spiffy and I like them when they are off of my face, I am still not sure if I like them when they are on my face. it takes me forever to feel like they are a part of me and allow them to define who I am.

and these life-saving sight-giving devices are completely different from any others I have ever owned.


I know you’ve always wanted to giggle at my school portraits.  click to enlarge. you’re welcome.

so, this is a pretty big change in my life. OH BOY.

well, in all reality, I guess it’s just like getting a new haircut. except hair grows back and usually haircuts do not cost you $200+ and hairstyles are not expected to last you at *least* two years. but still. same concept of the minuscule identity crisis I guess 🙂

how about you all?? do you ever feel this way with new eye glasses or hair styles or anything? what stellar specs did you don in the golden age of grade school?

love you all! — Rach