TQFTMDMCCIC: Local CT Creamery Edition

Never fear, dear readers, The Quest For The Most Delicious Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream is moving full-steam ahead! Obviously since I have left San Francisco and my beloved Mitchell’s Thin Mint (review here), I had to scope out another winner on the Eastern seaboard. And I’ve found one that’s quite good!



The only photo I managed to take of the sign and farm, it’s actually quite picturesque. So, you know, click on through to their website for a better idea of what it looks like there 😉

THE SCOOP: House flavor “MJ Rell”. It is described on their website as, “Our mint ice cream with green sprinkles and dark chocolate chunks, our version of mint chocolate chip” — you had me at mint and dark chocolate chunks.


PROS: AMAZING mint ice cream. I appreciate that it isn’t dyed green, and that the mint flavor isn’t artificial! Plus, this stuff is made from some GOOD cream. I mean, it is the creamiest ice cream I have ever put in my mouth. If you can smell the cows that produced the milk that became the ice cream you’re holding in your hands….that’s a pretty good sign. And the dark chocolate was GOOD. I know I’ve said before that I don’t like to “chew” my ice cream and that I prefer chocolate shavings to chunks. That still stands….but I think the MJ Rell is an exception to my rule. It’s like they threw a roughly chopped chocolate bar in there and it’s amazing! Photographic evidence:


CONS: While the sprinkles were fun, they did occasionally detract from the amazing minty chocolate combo. As fun as sprinkles are, they don’t really taste like anything. Also the day we went, it was like 88 degrees outside and crazy humid. So the ice cream melted quickly (also evidenced in the photograph above). And due to the heat, we couldn’t see the cows like I’m told you can some days (I’m assuming they were inside or in a shady place). But that wasn’t the ice cream’s fault. The only fault in the ice cream was sometimes the sprinkles, and I’m totally coming back for a full cow experience. Cows + ice cream = toddler entertainment gold mine, I’m telling you.

FELLOW TASTE TESTERS (and additional comments): Our new CT friends/neighbors came with us! We had a park playdate in the morning and this place was 5mins away, so we started our lunch with dessert 😉 H slept through the whole creamery thing, crazy kid. D got herself some black raspberry, but she ended up stealing a lot of mine because she wanted the chocolate. Haha. It was quite delicious as well! I also brought home a quart of their toasted almond flavor for the hubs. He isn’t a fan of coconut, so he didn’t care for it, and I’ve been slowly finishing it off….seriously, creamiest ice cream in all the land! Good, good stuff.

IMG_5652 IMG_5642

Basically, if you find yourself in Western Connecticut, you should definitely stop by. Or you should just come visit me and we’ll have an ice cream adventure! I like that idea best.