Fish Sticks?!

[Feb 03, 2012: moved this over to the new blog, because it is a classic example of one of my “soapboxes”. apparently I soapbox a lot. I prefer to call it hyperbolizing for comedic effect….and the hubs loves to tease me for it 🙂 ]

Okay, so who in their right mind would want to ever eat a fish stick? Don’t get me wrong, I love fish, but fish sticks???

They’re nasty little breaded rectangular-shaped hunks of puke-flavored fish. Gross.

And I get to make them for dinner because I couldn’t find the lasagna that was supposedly in the fridge. My lack of searching skills has caused me to inflict this foul substance upon everyone in my family, and for that I am deeply sorry. They, however, do not care that these rectangular hunks of fish are disgusting, they love them. I don’t know why.

Maybe it’s because the package advertised that they “Removed the fat line to yeild a milder taste!”Gross.

And another thing, how do you even know what’s really in a fish stick? Sure, it tastes like fish, but couldn’t it possibly be pig intestines and fish oil blended together to make a fish substitute??

I don’t know. But this whole idea of a “fish stick” disgusts me.
Whoever invented them probably thought they were a genius, but I think they need to be shot…