this is us.

You know how meeting the parents of your significant other is kind of a big deal sometimes???
Well, not for my man.
He met my entire family before he ever even laid eyes on me.
All five of my siblings and my parents met the man of my dreams before I did.


July 2011 – thanks for the photo, Leavitt!


Here’s the whole enchilada: My man was doing an internship for Pixar, relatively close to where my family lived. The mother of his roommate was really good friends with my mother . So my mother invited their apartment over for tacos one Sunday. side note: my Mom makes goooooood tacos.

My brother and I got to dinner later than the rest of my family. I took longer changing out of my Sunday best. So, I was the very last person to show up to dinner, making me the last family member to meet our guests.

The Pixar people (as we affectionately labeled them) seemed nice, but I didn’t really give any of them a second thought. I was tired and had a lot of internal musings going on that day. I was not incredibly sociable that night. I was a bit out of it, and not that interesting (or so I thought).

Over the course of the night I heard all about how 2 out of 3 of the Pixar guys were engaged and getting hitched within the next couple months. The one guy who was potentially single (AKA my future husband)…was hilarious. And so nice. And so easy to talk to! I was disappointed in my poor social interactions that evening, because I was so sure I hadn’t made a good first impression thanks to exhaustion and self-absorbed-ness.
Imagine my surprise when I was walking back into the kitchen after leaving for a few moments, to find the supposedly-single-man chatting with my Mom at the refrigerator apparently asking questions about me and my dating life.

My first thoughts:
“Did he just ask my MOM if I’m single?! Who DOES that???”
But really, I was flattered. I mean, if he was asking my Mom about my availability, that obviously meant he was interested in me, at least enough to consider asking me on a date. So apparently I wasn’t as off-putting as I thought. Good to know!

A short while after meeting we became facebook friends and exchanged phone numbers. He was quite the gentleman and tried to set up multiple dates that just weren’t working out for one reason or another (I was out of town, I was working crazy hours, I was kind of dating someone else…you get the idea).
I just could not stop thinking about that Pixar guy though. I can’t explain it, but I could tell I would really regret not giving him a chance. So, I made myself available.

I sent Pixar guy a facebook message that cryptically beat around the bush and told him I was available and interested. That was one of the most nervewracking things I have ever done. I am not usually that bold.

After he had his roommate help him interpret the message and confirm that I really DID mean “Hey I’m single, I like you, we should go out sometime!” he texted me. We set up a date for that weekend. We went to a church devotional on Sunday, and then we served up some ice cream we had stashed in the kitchen and went for a walk afterwards.

He invited me to take a tour of Pixar the next day. I went. We toured. We ate. We talked. I was so incredibly nervous. I got into a small fender-bender on my way home. I was certain there was no way he could possibly still be interested in me because I was so awkward and I just had a car accident and who wants to date someone like that?!

He interpreted my nervous silence as disinterest at first…but decided to talk to me again anyway (two days later).

We have had lovely conversations every single day since then 🙂

Two weeks, two dates, and a bazillion phone calls later…he held my hand. We went to a barbeque together and someone asked us, “So are you guys dating??” we were caught off-guard, but both responded in the affirmative, so that was that.

May 30, 2011 – he became my boyfriend.

October 15, 2011 – he became my fiance.

December 28, 2011 – he became my husband.

(we don’t mess around with any of this time-wasting business, haha)

Pretty sure I knew I was in love with and would marry this guy ever since our first date. I just knew. It took him a while to catch up with me though ; )

Marielle Hayes Photography

Marielle Hayes Photography (2011)

He makes me smile so hard my face hurts. Every single day. And I love love love him.

10 thoughts on “this is us.

  1. Awwww. I love this. You have a wonderful way of telling a story lady! It makes me all smiley that I now have a new cousin who married my favorite cousin and uses phrases like “the whole enchilada” like I do. Win on top of win. 🙂

  2. Okay, I actually found your blog on Busybeelauren. Then I was like WHAT? Because I recognized Chris. Your husband totally home taught me at BYU. I always had so much crazy stuff going on when I knew him and he was always so patient, great, and funny!

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