Fake it ’til you make it

I have been trying my very darndest to love where we are living right now. But the truth of the matter is….of all the places I have ever lived, this is my absolute least favorite of them all. Hands down. Without a doubt. No contest.
I do love the friends I have made here, though. They are so precious to me, and I enjoy every minute that I am able to spend with them! In those moments I am able to forget how much living in the city bothers me. People truly do make a place much more bearable.

(which is why I am now even MORE insanely grateful for my husband, because we’re joined at the hip when it comes to gallivanting about the globe, and he makes any place 1000% more tolerable for me than it would be if he were not there. He always knows how to make me smile and break even the worst of my bad moods : )

One of the other things I do to keep my thinking positive, is to look for beautiful things all around me. Even if this general area isn’t my cup of tea, there are still gorgeous creations all around!


hubs: “I was walking the other day, and I found some graffiti with your name in it! I’ll have to show you sometime!” — this was that graffiti. d’awwwww.



Also, my birthday is this week! I love birthdays. I am pretty sure this one will be grand.

Anyway. I’m going to continue being happy now, and MAD PROPS to anyone who can deal with big city livin’. I used to think of myself as a city person and fantasize about living in high-rise apartments and riding the bus everywhere and walking to the corner grocery store and loving it….but it turns out, I am actually more of a country bumpkin. Who knew?!

Love — Rach

Instagram subbin’ part II

Are you ready for another round of “pictures-I-took-that-I-think-are-pretty-neat”?! Great! Me too!







So, there you have it. A bunch of house photos because I am apparently obsessed with architecture lately : ) I have more to show you, but my Internet connection is a bit slow today, so they will have to wait!

I hope your July is off to a fabulous start : ) it’s my favorite month of the year!

Love – – rach