what to do, what to do…

this has nothing to do with anything but I just really miss living a short walk away from this beach/the ocean.

this photo has nothing to do with anything but I just really love it and I loved living so close to this beach and I miss the friend that took this picture and the friend that gave me that shirt and look I had a tan!

I’m going to be completely honest here:

I have no idea what to do with this blog.

It’s true, I’ve never really had a “direction” or “purpose” ever since I started keeping a blog back in 2007. It’s mostly just a haphazard jumble of things-I-feel-like-talking-about, funny stories, and monologuing about the various “soapboxes” I have. I am one-hundred percent okay with this. It’s an accurate depiction of who I am and how I function…I’m a bit loud and mostly all over the place. And I like it.

But now I have an “audience”.

An audience of “silent strangers”
[which is completely different from having an audience of some friends and a couple friendly strangers but mostly a whole lotta nobody]

And the whole WordPress-emails-my-posts-to-all-of-my-subscribers thing makes me super self-conscious. I feel like I’m bothering people every time I publish a post. I’m sending an EMAIL to their INBOX. That’s much more invasive than adding one more post to their ‘unread’ tally on a reader! I’m all up in errbody’s business!

Also I edit each post about fifty times within five minutes of posting it but the copy that is emailed to subscribers is the original, so they’re getting my rough draft, because no matter how many times I try I just can’t seem to get the hang of “editing before hitting publish” [this entire run-on sentence brought to you by revision #49, 9mins after publication]

So, yeah.

I don’t blog as much as I used to because I feel like I’m invading your privacy.

I know, it’s ridiculous.
But it’s true.

love, rach

PS I’d love to know why you, people I don’t know, subscribed to my blog in the first place…so consider this an open invitation to tell me why you’re here! And then maybe I’ll feel less creepy when I check out your blogs in return and maybe I’ll actually leave you comments too 😉 after all, that’s what blogging is for right?! Meeting random strangers and reading all about their lives/interests and hoping they aren’t secretly serial killers?!?! I love me some blog-stalking! …I mean networking! Woohoo! 🙂

PPS Sorry again for junking up your inbox with this email. kbye.